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What linux distro do you use for your desktop?

By jdclyde ·

I have had two linux desktops over the last two years. SuSE Ent10 on a notebook and Mint on a desktop.

The SuSE was a pain to do anything.

The Mint was fairly simple to "just use". Unfortunately I broke that system when I knocked the monitor off the table while it was on AND connected to the system. The monitor works, but it must have trashed the MB. (oops!)

Looking to try a new distro or two, as I will be setting up three systems (one for me, and one for each of my boys).

The hardware will be in the 2.4ghrz area, and between 512 and 1gig of ram, depending on what I can pull together.

System usage.
The boys do mostly MySpace and Facebook, with lots of Instant messenging thrown in. We had been using Pidgon, but it had stopped working with Yahoo (not sure if that has been resolved or not yet).

The ability to view videos (youtube) is a must.

Of course OpenOffice will be installed. For the purpose of being able to do homework assignments, I would love to be able to also load MS Office07 too. (Wine?)

Ripping and playing MP3's, as well as burning CD's would of course be required as well.

Thanks for any feedback on what you have liked as well as what you have not liked (and why).


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Re: Linux

by christianshiflet In reply to What linux distro do you ...

I have recently been using both Ubuntu 9 and CentOS 5.4 (both on the desktop). I like both but would probably go with Ubuntu on the desktop. It seems to have good device support (haven't had a problem on a few laptops or desktops...small sample but...). Getting Wine working in Ubuntu was pretty simple, as well, though I have not tried installing/using Office in it yet. As for browsing and videos, Firefox works without issue for any browser needs.

I hope that helps. For reference, I am mostly a Windows guy so my experience is not "expert", but more "experimental".

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The everyday user

by jdclyde In reply to Re: Linux

is exactly who I want to hear from.

My boys took right off with the Mint. After I trashed the other system, I talked to them about it, and they agreed it would be fun to try a new one instead of staying with that one. Don't know how good something is if you don't have something to compare it to, right?


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by mamies In reply to The everyday user

I use linux quite alot (It is installed on all of my desktops and laptops). My choice for a simple desktop would be Ubuntu. I liked SUSE aswell but I believe that Ubuntu is the easier to use. I only had issues with installing my high end Graphics card but nothing a few hours of fiddling and googling doesnt fix.


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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What linux distro do you ...

is my current choice, for an out of the box set up.
Never bothered with ripping, but OO, playing web content, wireless etc, barely caused a frown, above and beyond the linux is not windows.

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MEPIS for me too!

by Sagax- In reply to SimplyMepis

All that you listed is pretty much out of the box. If you want something more, "Synaptic" makes download and install easy.

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OK JD just to throw a spanner int he works

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What linux distro do you ...

I've been using Mandriva 2009 Spring Edition recently and not had any hardware configuration problems with it.

Between that and what I hear others say about Ubuntu I would be looking at one of those as a possible go play system. I'm currently having a play with Ubuntu 9.2 which is in Beta so I'll not comment on how good that is or isn't.

Oh and have you tried the Lotus Office that was recently released by IBM? It may be suitable.


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Mandriva was one I was considering

by jdclyde In reply to OK JD just to throw a spa ...

as well as Ubuntu, as quite a few people have mentioned it lately.

The lotus smart suite was the package of choice at my former job. wasn't bad until IBM stopped developing it, and even in their other packages, they pushed how they worked with MS office instead of their own.....

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Red Hat Or Fedora

by helix2301 In reply to What linux distro do you ...

I use red hat or fedora does not matter much to me. Red Hat is only $80.00 for a desktop version or free fedora works great always been partial to them.

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Got my start with RedHat

by jdclyde In reply to Red Hat Or Fedora

but it was only the servers at the time. Looking to get into the desktops more now.

Redhat at work and fedora at home? What situations do you use what for?

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Well my preferred Distro

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Got my start with RedHat

Is still Debian for everything but lately I've been using Mandriva as a Desktop and I've just grabbed a copy of Ubuntu as a Live Distro to test some hardware with. Having collected quite a few computers over the years well the last 6 - 12 Months I have several running.

Currently the Gateway here is running Debian but it's more a Server than anything else and doesn't require much attention or probably I just fail to look at it often. Well it doesn't need looking at all that much anyway.

I have the Daughter in Law testing 7 with the Beta Version of Office 2010 and that raises some interesting comments at times.

But with the desktops I am currently using Mandriva, Ubuntu, a Little bit of SUSE and some Red Hat on occasions with Knoppix as a Live Distro for fixing Windows systems though at the moment I have a copy of the Ubuntu Live Disc streaming down so I'll give that a try to see what I think of it.

The Quack uses CentOS at home and guess gets to support that? He uses it to control his Aquaculture Farm so he has fish to eat as well as Memphis for his own personal systems after switching from Fedora.

Mandriva was a very easy install with no extra drivers required if that is any help though I'm told by many that Ubuntu is now the same as well. :0


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