What Linux server platform do you recommend for production servers

By ccurry ·
I work in a Windows shop, but will soon be testing linux on a test server. We intend to eventually deploy a production linux server that will need to cooperate with a Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller.

I've used Debian in the past, but it was a hosted server, so I didn't have to add it to a domain myself. We'll be using the future production server for Apache/MySQL/PHP applications and possibly email.

I'm hoping to receive some advice from the collective intelligence of this group about which flavor of linux is best for production servers. I am a linux administration beginner, but do not want to sacrifice security and infrastructure for ease of setup. Am I right in thinking that Red Hat is the typical linux production server?

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I prefer Xandros, but it depends on your finances....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to What Linux server platfor ...

Redhat is good.
But i like Xandros because you can have it running along Windows with BridgeWays if you need it to.
Go here for more info:

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If this is your first foray in to Linux Administrator

by LarryD4 In reply to What Linux server platfor ...

If this is your first foray in to Linux Administration, I would recommend Red Hat. They have the largest support structure of the Linux flavors and have been around the longest as a commercial product.

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Basically any Distro will do just install Samba and it will communicate

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What Linux server platfor ...

But it depends on what it is you need to do here. And where the hardware is coming from.

Companies like IBM have deals with SUSE and Red Hat to provide fixes for Kernel issues in 48 Hours so if you are looking at IBM Hardware you will be looking at either SUSE or Red Hat for the best support possible.

For server Applications personally I prefer



Red Hat Enterprise

but actually any Server Distro will suffice.


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Col is correct

by Jaqui In reply to What Linux server platfor ...

any distro will do.

but, if security is important, more than support, go with any of the BSD options.
[ openBSD, freeBSD, netBSD being server oriented ]

The only real benefit of Red Hat, Suse, Ubuntu or Mandriva Server / Corporate editions is the support.

The software they use is EXACTLY the same as what is in the general use free distributions.

Yet you can purchase support from most distributions.
[ open source business model, sell support not software ]

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