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What makes a good IT Department

By dsmith ·
Hello All,

I am an IT Manager at a company and have recently been asked what makes up a good IT Department. After starting to write up a document of a good meld between an expandable and secure network and a flexible and easy to use application, I was wondering what other people have to say in this discussion forum.


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Starts with the people

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to What makes a good IT Depa ...

In my opinion, a good IT Department starts with the people. You could spend millions on high-end infrastructure and application tools, but if you are working with a bunch of derelicts, it will be money wasted.

Conversely, you could be forced to use middle-of-the-road (at best) equipment/apps; but because you have great staff, get much more out of it than anyone would anticipate.

If I were to asked to come up with a document on what makes a good IT team, I'd start by listing off various personality traits that seem indicative of good IT workers:

Logical thinking
Non-Linear/Creative thinking
Etc, Etc, Etc.

Once you describe the types of people that make a good IT department, you can move into the tangible 'why they make it a good IT department' (better ROI, better security, etc, etc).

That's my 2 cents, though. I'm sure others will come up with different answers that have just as much if not more merit.

Best of luck!

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Once you dash off your answer

by santeewelding In reply to What makes a good IT Depa ...

Shoot me a copy. You will have settled the foundationals of human life.

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I agree it starts with the people...

by jsizer In reply to Once you dash off your an ...

specicially people dedicated to the common cause of the company infrastructer and ability to adapt as that changes. I have worked in small to large compaines in the past few years and it seems that the well oiled machine built with a foundation of people with a common goal is what seems to work out the best.

that is my 2 cents!


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As others have said, good people

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What makes a good IT Depa ...

You need to really think about waht you are doing with this.

No people , no department, pay cut, if you are lucky.

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More on a good IT Department

by dsmith In reply to As others have said, good ...

Thanks all for giving me your 2 cents.

I agree the people we will hire are our best assets and keeping them is very valuable. I work for a start up company and was hired as the IT Manager to organize direct the IT Department. I have hired one individual on the Hardware side and I take care of the System side of the house. It is a great opportunity and a huge headache all in one. I am excited about building my own IT Department with the people and tools I choose but what are the best methods to predict what a company will need. Maybe I am trying to be too specific in future needs. What are your thoughts?


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Best method, get involved

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to More on a good IT Departm ...

The reason why most IT depts are seen to fail, is that they are seen as outside of the business.
This can be IT seeing it self as separate or far more often in my opinion IT being segregated.

You can't do any prediction without information. The people you are doing IT for will almost certainly not know where you could help or hinder, nor will they be au fait with what you need in order to give them what they want and that's assuming they know that.

Plug yourself in to the business, the number fo palces where IT won't be involved in some way, can be counted on he fingers of one hand without removing your mittens.

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