what makes the NEW go away on this site?

By JADavis9 ·
I have asked several questions. I read each and every answer. But the reminder email that I get each night is very long and full of items that I have already read either the day or night before, or one of the previous days. I do see some Posts at the top of the list after logging in that aren't marked NEW anymore.
So why is this happening? I just went down the entire list on my other question "Facebook Friends problem on my account" and found many NEW red items. So I clicked each one individually and then hit back on my browser and then read the next one. I read them all. They all still say NEW. I opened up a new tab in IE and came back to this site and logged in and went to the page in My Workspace. Again - there are all of those same items marked NEW.
So how do they become OLD and get off of the nightly email that comes telling me of new answers?

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It's sort of broken

by Slayer_ In reply to what makes the NEW go awa ...

It used to work by viewing them. Now the NEW goes away after about a week.

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I wish it still worked

by JADavis9 In reply to It's sort of broken

That would be nice. I wish they would fix it. I've noticed that they also did away with individual email notifications of new posts being added and you only get on jumbo notice during the night.

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