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What makes VPs so sensitive and special?

By wordworker ·
You know what makes me sick? People who get to director and Vice President level positions in a company and then suddenly no one can talk to them. Oh we have to coddle the poor babies because they're SOOO much smarter and busier than the rest of us... We can't just give them an honest, detailed report when a project goes south or a person or a group doesn't fulfill its obligations. No, someone in middle management has to "have a conversation" with the VP. Translation: Nobody wants to give a VP bad news or disagree with a VP's decision for fear that the big bad VP will be unhappy. And heaven forbid someone making 50 times the annual salary of the people who report to him or her should be unhappy about anything...... When will the madness end?

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Fix is at hand

by Oldefar In reply to What makes VPs so sensiti ...

The collective "we" make VP's and Directors special and in need of coddling.

The fix is easy. Next time, bypass your middle management and go straight to the top with your good or bad news. With luck, there will be an open door policy that gets you around any "gatekeepers" in the way.

Now one of two things will happen. Either your direct and candid approach will mark you as an outstanding employee destined for leadership, or you will learn very quickly that the particular VP or Director expects to be coddled because he is so smart and busy that he can be bothered by the likes of you. This will be reinforced by your manager when you get back to your area.

I say go for it!

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Short and right on point, ...

by YourAverageManager In reply to Fix is at hand

I would not add a thing to such well considered advice.

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