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What more can Windows 7 homegroups do?

By Healer ·
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In response to the discussion post I think it is more appropriate to continue from here.

I am not too sure what the homegroups can do while the usual workgroups can''t. In this case the computers on the network had already been communicating part-way copying files from XPs to Windows 7. All of a sudden messages came up and said to the effect that the Windows 7 had run of storage space while it still had plenty. It didn't actually say network was lost only when I tried to access from the XP sides I realized that the Windows 7 was not accessible. I don't remember I had such problem before since I always had mixed operating systems on the network. However I always waited until service pack started to come in before I had the new operating system installed. Perahps this is just a teething problem.

I do have 1 W7, 1 XP Home and 1 XP Pro on the network exactly like yours. I was copying files 13.5 gigs from the XP Home wirelessly and 13.5 gigs from the XP Pro wiredly to the W7 simultaneously. About 20 to 30 minutes down the track, messages came up on both XP systems. It was not they didn't work at all, just it didn't keep up a sustained effort.

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I'm assuming your Windows 7 is wired into the network ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What more can Windows 7 h ...

And that only the XP Home installation is wireless.

Now, if as you say, you were copying 2 x 13.5GB files SIMULTANEOUSLY (one wired one wireless), then the wireless router would have had its work cut out, and your mapping into the Windows 7 PC might also have had a bit of a struggle. Your wireless file transaction would've HAD to be running at around a quarter of the speed of the wired connection.

Were you copying the same amount of data for some basis of comparison? How many hard drives are fitted into the W7 machine? Were both 13.5GB amounts being copied to the same HDD?

I'd have transferred that amount of data one lot at a time.

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Yes Windows 7 was wired in the network.

by Healer In reply to I'm assuming your Windows ...

I did realize there was a lot of data transfer at one time. I was trying to have both processes started and then walk away to do something else, in other words I left them unattended. I was expecting it would take very long time to finish. I didn't expect I would have such error. I believe it could be technically done though it might not be that efficient. There was only one hard drive on the Windows 7. Both copy processes transferred files from two different computers to one computer but two separate partitions. Anyway, I got it done eventually successfully after I initiated the two processes on the Windows 7 computer simultaneously. I thought I would have distributed the workload if I started the processes on separate computers. The processes were not for any test or comparision. It was just a coincident. One was for images files and the other was data files etc.

How would the router cause the problem? Please take note no problem happened when I copied at the Windows 7. What mapping of Windows 7 PC are you referring to?

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RE: "thought I would have distributed the workload" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Yes Windows 7 was wired i ...

"I thought I would have distributed the workload if I started the processes on separate computers."

Not if the entire copy process from both PCs terminated in two different partitions on a single HDD that's only got ONE write head. You were asking the one single write head to copy equally large amounts of data to two different places while one data stream arrived at a quarter the speed of the other.

That's why I inquired how many hard drives you had - if there were two HDDs, each HDD would've had its own WRITE HEAD and wouldn't have been unduly influenced by the speed of the other data stream.

Similarly, the ROUTER was having to cope with two data streams going to the same place at the same time, but at grossly differing transmission speeds. One stream of which also had packet loss due to being wireless, thereby requiring re-sending of dropped packets which would interrupt the flow even more.

Just my opinion mind you.

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I agree with what you have said.

by Healer In reply to RE: "thought I would have ...

With proper handshaking as long as it didn't panic and took one step at a time I still believed the systems should be able to handle it though it might be slow. I thank you for your opinion. I still learn something though.

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You do realise you're NOT using 'Homegroup' don't you? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What more can Windows 7 h ...

As I originally posted over on the Discussions thread - Homegroup will only run within a Windows 7 ONLY network.

Whatever your present file transfer problems are, it DOES NOT involve Homegroup.

Edit for typo

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I am not too sure

by Healer In reply to You do realise you're NOT ...

what you are getting at. What do you mean by using homegroup? Having read some technical notes I understand homegroups technically consist of only Windows 7 computers. I have not been up to speed with the implication of homegroup. What are the advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons of having homegroup? Like previous versions of Windows systems I always felt computer systems using the same operating systems would work more seamllessly together. It did not matter whether they have an unique name for the group or not.

Incidentally, I did put the Windows 7 system in a homegoup during the process of setting up the computer. It was by itself. At this stage there was no other Windows 7 on the network though I was planning to add one or two more after getting more rams. Neverthless I still expected the Windows 7 would still operate as usual with other computers in the same workgroup regardless unless you tell me otherwise. I have not read anything to the contrary.

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I'd reserve comment until my Windows 7 RTM arrives

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I am not too sure

Until I've got the full-blown RTM installed on my systems, I'm p|$$ing into the wind.

Tomorrow is 22nd Oct 2009 - I'll see how confident I am to comment after that date.

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Good luck!

by Healer In reply to I'd reserve comment until ...

Please find out what a so-called homegroup can do that a usual workgroup can't.

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by punnakalsree05 In reply to What more can Windows 7 h ...

to learn more about this problem and solution go for

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by Healer In reply to solution

for your recommendation, but the blog dosn't tell me anything about Windows 7 homegroup.

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