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    What order should I take the Win2003 exams in?


    by tiamat265x ·

    Any advice for someone whose last experience with certification was in Windows NT4? All of the new info is a little overwhelming. Any idea where to begin? Any help would be appreciated!

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      W2K3 exams

      by kevin dubya ·

      In reply to What order should I take the Win2003 exams in?

      It rather depends on your electives but broadly speaking you need 70-270 (XP) and then 4 core 290/291/293/294…
      you’ll need a design elective and another elective…imho I decided upon 70 – 220 as I was more familiar with 2000 and also did the Security elective from Comptia as it was a better fit for me (career/technology wise)…
      As far as the order goes there’s a certain case for “it doesnt matter as you need them all..” that said I did 270 to get it under my belt…and then pressed on with 220 and Comptia – returning to 290 -> 294…it largely depends on what you’re comfortable with…you’ll soon learn what and where you need to hot up on…
      do the labs and create virtual domain(s)…break it and do it for real…hope this helps.

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