What other factors effect a server older than 7 years.other than HDD?

By dev.anand14 ·
What other factors effect a server older than 7 years.
other than HDD?
Software comparetibility
Long term ROI( return investment)
Is Hardware easily soweed?

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by 1bn0 In reply to What other factors effect ...

Recently saw an issue with an aging as400. The main cooling fan failed and the machine started to lock up.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to FANS!


Fans were my first thought, too.

Replace all of them with new ones, preferably with ball bearings, rather than sleeve bearings. They're a dollar or two dearer, but should be more reliable.

I have found old systems with siezed fans in the PSU, where the circuit board was toast - literally, though it still worked.


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All kinds of factors....

by JamesRL In reply to What other factors effect ...

The Hard drive, the power supply, tape drives, and optical drives rely on moving parts. This means they are more vulnerable to wear and tear and failure. I always tell people it isn't a matter of if something will fail its when.

Any electronic component, memory included can fail over time. The heat stress of running 24x7 over extended periods means things will degrade at some point.

ROI is tricky. Under accounting rules you write off the capital expenditure of most hardware over 3-5 years, so a 7 year old server looks like a bargain, until you calculate the cost of a catastrophic failure, the likelyhood of which increases over time.

It goes without saying older systems are not guarenteed to be able to run the newest OS, and some applications wanter newer OSs to use all their features.


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by Fred123456 In reply to What other factors effect ...

I've got a dual p2 233 Server thats been running solid for 10 years.

Over those years the following has brought down the server, aside from power failure.

I have had fans fail, until I realized it was dust that threw the fans out of balance and then they failed. So I sealed up the server and all openings with dust filters and its been great since.

Cheap expansion cards, had added a second nic card to the server that I bought for nine bucks. After three years the board itself started to split like a sandwich until it failed.

PowerSupply, in ten years I have been had to replace the Power Supply three times.

Had to replace the bios battery once.

Memory, had to replace a stick of RAM once when it failed.

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by CG IT In reply to Hardware

other 2 posters have pretty much said what fails.

on HDDs MTBF is about 50,000 hours. or 5.7 years.

most tout 1 million hours operational life span but on average 5 to 6 years max on a HDD mtbf. That's running 24/7/365

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