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    What pain points do you experience with cyber security?

    by bmandevilleclarke ·


    Hi wonderful people!

    I am looking to start a cyber security business and, to help determine what the focus of the business should be, I would like to know what pain points you experience in your day to day work in terms of managing cyber security?

    Alternatively, what cyber security services or software would you like to see that would make your personal or professional life easier??

    Thanks in advance for your time!


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      Data Protection Awareness is Necessary

      by henrycartersmith ·

      In reply to What pain points do you experience with cyber security?

      You have asked an interesting question. The simplest answer would be “never”, I guess if you could just cut off the access to the public internet, things would definitely be easier.

      But since you asked, I’ll try to discuss a few that come to my mind.

      So, mobile devices are one of the most difficult devices to protect, I personally would never allow the use of any mobile device near a storage infrastructure where sensitive data is stored. But some companies can’t restrict mobile devices because of the nature of their business so we have to deal with it.

      The second most unpredictable scenario we face is human behavior, no matter how strict policies you make and how many times you teach them the guidelines, I mean we are kind of designed to make small blunders that in-return leads to disasters and unimaginable scale. Like for instance, they will just say “I just opened a file from an *unknown* sender”. “I mean, it shouldn’t give access to our entire data server”. Well. apparently, this is what phishing attacks are meant to do, when you willingly give file access to administrative permissions. these things are destined to happen.

      So, prevention is a kind of difficulty which is why focusing more quick recovery and lesser downtime is a better direction to move forward too.

      I have designed many networking systems using DR365V which Is one of the finest disaster recovery appliances from StoneFly. It has everything that you would ever need to secure your infrastructure and revert your data to the original condition in-case a disaster occurs.

      It has enterprise features such as deduplication, encryption, snapshots, and many flexible backup options. And because it supports multi-hypervisor environments like KVM, Hyper-V or VMware, setting up backups and disaster recovery policies have been far easier.

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      pain points with cybersecurity

      by pooja1588142131 ·

      In reply to What pain points do you experience with cyber security?

      Major pain points include – increase in the number and complexity of threats because as long as the hackers are identifying security gaps in the networks or systems, the cybercrimes are going to continue in the future also and therefore the battle between companies and the hackers will continue.
      Another pain point is lack of security resources because many companies lack in-house security experts who can detect and block cyber threats the organizations should look for third party security experts or outsourcing.
      Threat prioritizing is another pain point i.e. if the security threat is bigger then it should be a top priority.
      for mitigating these risks – it is required to reduce the number of human errors or completely eliminate them. Always create a response plan. Try to encrypt the stolen data. Take the help of AI. And try to reduce the security gaps in an application.

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