What past Technology would the current generation not understand?

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Technology has come a long way over the years. So much so that newer generations would never understand some of the growing pains.

Any one remember waiting until you went to bed to download upgrades as it would take hours and hours? or how about if someone called just as that download was about finished and you had to start all over?

What Technology or growing pains would the current generation just not understand?

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Sliderules for one...

Connecting your old DOS based dual floppy AMSTRAD to dialup BBS networks with a 300 BAUD acoustic phone coupler for another, lol/

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Circa 1970 and before technology

by gksmith2002 In reply to What past Technology woul ...

Computers that use punch cards or tapes
Floppy drives (5 inch or 3.5 inch)
Analog TV using an antenna or "rabbit ears" and only gets 4-5 local channels and sign off at midnight to the National Anthem and get the off the air image with the Indian head picture
Using a paper map for directions

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