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What photos to post from a facebook page?

By petraivic87 ·
Hi, so, I have (as everyone else I believe) liked some pages on Facebook from my personal profile. And, for some time now, I was thinking about starting my own page with some entertainment content mainly. As I see many of the pages I follow just use photos and images that are (probably) widely available and downloaded from the internet, is that allowed? Can I as a page admin just go to Google, and download any image and post it on my page, or is there any problem with image licenses and so on? Should I be using only images available for commercial use, with creative commons licenses? If that is so, are many other people just risking publishing photos that are maybe licensed, hoping there won't be any problem with it? Any info would be great :)

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Use Images from unrestricted sites without any copywrite

by naiduselvi2 In reply to What photos to post from ...


Do never use the images directly from the google because you may get trapped in copywrite issue. Google has restricted its images from the direct download as well and some of the images are linked with Pinterest as well So, I suggest not to try this if you are planning to create page on Facebook. I can suggest you some of the sites from where you can download the images for free.
From these sites, you can download the images and design it as per your need in ""
Hope this will help you out to be good social media specialist!


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What photos to post from a facebook page?

by tirtha8586 In reply to Use Images from unrestric ...

Thanks Selvi,
for this info. was helpful

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Pictures for Facebook groups

by lifex10 In reply to What photos to post from ...

In addition to the advice above, I would like to add these tools with free images that you can use in your group:

Also, you can analyze successful groups of similar topics to find popular content with

It can easily help you to analyze any pages on Facebook (and more than 12 popular social media) and find out the most popular and commented publications (+ also with highest engagement rate). You can easily filter and sort posts using multiple filters.
When you know your audience's preferences, you can create viral content more often yourself.

Hope you find these tools extremely helpful!

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