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What policies do websites have on the content that they display?

By trelston ·
I am an asp.net programmer and i want to create my own personal website that displays the latest news around the world. Now, i don't have reporters around the world to pay for the news nor do i have the budget. So, i've decided to scour the news websites - bbc etc. for the latest news. And i plan to display on the website only those links that give the best news information along with a small description of the news content. Am i allowed to do this or will i be infringing upon any rights or policies or do i have to get permission from these news site to display the links to their stories on my website.

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RE: Am i allowed to do this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What policies do websites ...

Most defiantly not.

These sites are Copyright and with the move to Pay for Content on them the Site Owners would get more than slightly upset I would imagine. They would most defiantly be sending their Legal Departments to have a little talk to you about what you where doing with the suggestion that you Cease and Desist Immediately.


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It is possible, but...

by mafergus In reply to What policies do websites ...

Continuing on Oh Smeg's point, you would need to contact each site to determine what their policies are and even if they allowed it, there will be policies concerning attribution and you may have to do some branding. But as was already stated to do it as you have proposed is WRONG.

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I knew there would be problems but. . .

by trelston In reply to It is possible, but...

I can always say that i got this news content from the many local newspapers i read or television channels i watch and posted onto the website the latest news. If it is such a problem i will not display any links to their website, you know, i was planning to show their links on the related links section of the website. But i guess i am treading on hot water, copyright issues are a real pain in the a***. thanks 4 your reply.

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What if i quote the source

by trelston In reply to It is possible, but...

Is it enough if i display a news item and i quote the source.

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