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What Ports R used for following programs

By natusman03 ·
I'm looking to find out what ports the following programs use for streaming. We have voip and people are using these and taking up bandwidth. I would like to close those ports. Thanks in advance! Here are the ones I'm needing to know: musicmatch jukebox, windows media player, real player, winamp, itunes and quicktime.

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by NATMAC In reply to What Ports R used for fol ...

Hi Natusman,

Sorry to awaken a sleeping post: you've probably found out or given up by now?

Anyhow, one suggestion would be to go all "Network Nazi" on those time wasting thugs and shutdown all incoming and outgoing ports to required ports only > (At absolute minimum)
DNS 53
RDP 3389

**Be sure to test all programs thoroughly before locking everything down > remember VPNs, IPSec, RDP > don't lock people out from their internet banking if you know what's good for you!

**Be sure to check your required ports against the IANA port numbers register:

The best way to diagnose the ports that any app uses when you can't find it documented is to:

1. Fire up the offending software on a test pc and make a request for remote data - streaming video for example
2. Ctrl+Alt+Del for the Windows Task Manager
3. Goto processes tab
4. Goto view menu > Select columns
5. Check the PID checkbox - click OK

6. Find the image name that refers to the offending software.
7. Record the single instance PID of said software (changes everytime software reopened)

8. Goto command prompt
9. Type netstat -a -o >c:\netstat.txt

10. Open the text file and match the PID recorded in step 7 to the active connection

Finally: Close that active/listening port down.

I hope this helps and that its not useless info you already know!



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