What power supply will work with this?

By tardbag135 ·
ok im building a new mATX PC and am putting a lot of stuff in a little box. it comes with a 300W PSU, but im not sure if thats enough. see the specs below:


WiFi Adapter:**21008

TV Tuner:

Card Reader:




Optical Drive:

Video Card:

I'm just looking for answers about the power consumption, nothing else. thanks. please tell what wattage will work.

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A 380 W or Better Antec PS will work quite happily with that

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What power supply will wo ...

Gigabyte also make a decent PS

While I have never personally used Gigabyte PS's previously they like the Antec ones are rated for a Constant Value unlike the majority that are ratted to Peek Values which is a amount of Wattage that they can produce for short periods of time and not the full Ratting constantly without producing problems.


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stock should be ok

by .Martin. In reply to What power supply will wo ...

using the Thermaltake PSU calculator ( ) for the specification given, you should not need more than the stock 300W PSU with the case (double check for yourself, you will know what is going into the computer better than we will)

<edited cause I can't SPELL!>

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I have to agree with Oh Smeg

by Jacky Howe In reply to What power supply will wo ...

if you think of it as an investment and you are looking after your new PC you really need a good PSU. I would go for at least 550W because you never know what you might add to the system at a later stage and the extra wattage won't be wasted. Antec PSU's are good value for the money that you pay for them.
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it works

by tardbag135 In reply to What power supply will wo ...

well believe it or not the stock 300W PSU works problems. the only reason i cant go bigger because it is a rare form factor that is only sold by the MFG of the case. and they only make it in 300W. no more no less. everything works now. thanks for your help. this was my first build (im 14). so i gave my self a pat on the back. yay.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to it works

Give yourself a real big pat on the back. Good luck

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by tardbag135 In reply to Congratulations

thanks. its nice to see supportive people out there. you being one of them. :)

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I can still remember

by Jacky Howe In reply to RE:

putting my first PC together and the feeling of elation when it actually worked. I checked and rechecked and checked again before applying the power and I admit that I was a nervous nelly awaiting the outcome. All was good though. Then I took the bait, hook line and sinker. I haven't stopped building my own PC's.

I don't know what your future plans are but at your age the world is an oyster. I hope that you have continued success in your future endevours. Not bad, not bad at all for someone your age and you should be proud of yourself.


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Is it

by .Martin. In reply to it works

one of those half sized PSUs?

my old HP had one, when the PSU died I tied looking for a new one, never found any... :)

just hope the PSU doesn't die!

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by tardbag135 In reply to Is it

yea its a microtower. but the MFG of the case offers the exact same PSU for a direct replacement. pretty reasonable price too.

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