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What processes should be running?

By dbergesen ·
I have a PC that is showing a lot of disk activity when nothing is running. I have run my anti virus program and it found no infections. Is there a list of "normal" processes that are expected to be running so I can see if there is something running that shouldn't be?

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by JamesRL In reply to What processes should be ...

It depends on what OS version/software/applications you are running....

When in doubt - I use and search for the processes. Be aware that some spyware and viruses mask themselves. I had one that showed up as Norton Anti-Virus process when I don't run Norton and have never installed it. Needless to say I blocked it.


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by ReWrite In reply to What processes should be ...

There really isn't any correct answer for what "normal" processes are. That is specific to each pc's situation. The thing to do is check the running processes and see which ones are causing the disk activity. "Excessive" disk activity might or might not be a normal activity. It might be caused by insufficient memory and thus xp is forced to do alot of disk swapping. It might be due to an anti-virus scan running in the background or a disk optimization program.

First find out what process or app is running and causing the disk activity and then post back with the results.



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by razz2 In reply to What processes should be ...

There is no list of "Normal", but there are sites that list any process you may see and gives a description. With that said, a single virus engine may miss a virus, so scan at and at Symantec do the free security scan.

I would bet you have some spy/adware so scan with AdAware and Spybot S & D. Both can had at They are at the bottom of the page under Most Popular.

Oh yeah, You don't have defrag software running in the background do you? Had to ask.

God Luck,


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by pierrejamme In reply to What processes should be ...

Since this is XP, I am assuming you have Windows XP. Start MSconfig and "Disable All" in "Startup" and then click on "Services" and put a check in the box "Hide all Microsoft Services", then "Disable All" and reboot. See what is running. Make sure all programs you need work.
That is basically all you need. Evertything else is Add Ons

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by glyall In reply to What processes should be ...

All the other answer are great answer.
It depends on what programs you are use at that time you check task manager

For apps that Microsoft XP uses
it will help determine the services that you need.
you can turn some of the service that are not needed.
The default that Microsft set are for PC and Laptop. If using XP Pro it also have services that are also used for XP Home.

Good Luck

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