What programming languages should I try learning?

By xsubxwooferx ·
In the future I plan on getting a BBA in Information Systems. What programming languages if any would I be using?

PS. Right now im at local comm college for networking specialist diploma with cisco option. Should I switch to linux/unix option?

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by pnoykalbo In reply to What programming language ...

Perl programming is a must to learn....

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Why perl?

by xsubxwooferx In reply to Perl

Can you give me a brief reason why perl? I was thinking more of java or something newer?

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Perl is fun

by pnoykalbo In reply to Why perl?

Well, perl is very useful on network and systems administration. If you know perl, it will be easy for you to learn php which is widely used worldwide. Check this website:

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Well....php is good..

by xsubxwooferx In reply to Perl is fun

Even though plan on getting information systems degree I am also gonna be making websites and such so php will come in handy for that. My only problem is I just want to know the most popular use of language for a systems admin or network admin.Is perl that?

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by pnoykalbo In reply to Well....php is good..

If your path is towards the Linux world, Perl is the language to learn... then later, you will be a pro when you start to learn php since both are similar. Perl is made for Systems/Network Administration. The creator of Perl was a frustrated Network Systems Administrator who doesn't like repetitious typing the commands or system administration stuffs... I love Perl...

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how come...

by xsubxwooferx In reply to Definitely

most jobs around here for network admin position or systems admin they want like 3+ years experience in java or C?

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Java vs. Perl

by pnoykalbo In reply to how come...

Well, these companies might need a systems administrator that do more than systems administration like a developer. All I can say that Perl is much easier to use. Just write, compile, then execute. If there's an urgent issues like checking on log files, definitely I will not use java. Java is slow and constantly updating. You need to write, convert to java byte... etc.. etc...

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Can I still get hired if I knew perl and...

by xsubxwooferx In reply to What programming language ...

The application says "Must have Bachelors in Computer science and have 3+ years in C++, java."

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Something OO like Jabba..

by Duke E Love In reply to What programming language ...

Java is good to learn the basics... Most of the books on OO and design pasterns (I have noticed) are in Java.

It has C style syntax so it will lend itself toward learning languages like JS, PHH, C# and all that.

I liked learning higher level languages like VB and CF back in the day. It allowed me to focus on the concepts and not so much the minutia of lower level languages

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