What PSU would you pick?

By b.confell ·
How good it is to find TR! Having never gone further than installing a DVDRW drive some years ago I recently tried to do the same in my 3 yr old machine but instead the whole system just died. After reading so many similar stories and replies I summoned up the courage and took everything out of the case and then used a PSU from an old machine to ascertain that it was the PSU that had stopped working. I have reinstalled most items and it still fires up on the old PSU but I need to buy a new one, around 400W should be fine.
Are there any brands to look out for or to avoid and, apart from getting the right connections any other considerations.
One other question, if you don't mind. The power/reset button switches the computer on but does not switch it off as it did before, no matter how long I hold it in. Is there something I may have altered inadvertently.
Thanks for any comments that you may have.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to What PSU would you pick?

Check your Motherboard manual for the pinouts for the Reset and Power switches. To test a switch swap it to the power connector on the Motherboard.

I always use Antec Power Supplies as they are in my opinion the best on the market.

Have a look at these to give you a guide. I would be looking at 550-650 Watts.


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Partial to Antec, too.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Antec

I like their boxes, too.

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Antec seem to get the majority vote

by b.confell In reply to Antec

Thank you for your prompt reply, sorry to be slow in responding.
Re: the switch, I have tried it on both the power and reset pins and it only switches on, not off, on both. That must mean that the switch itself works though, I believe?
Thanks once again

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In my experience

by Jacky Howe In reply to Antec seem to get the maj ...

if I put something together for a client I want them to get the longest use out of the System that I can possibly provide. With a relativly expensive Motherboard I look at the PSU as an investment that will protect and prolong the life of the Motherboard. So far it's worked for me.

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Shut Down

by TheChas In reply to What PSU would you pick?

As far as power supplies, I agree that Antec is one of the top vendors.

I would not be afraid to use Thermaltake, hec, or PowerMax brand power supplies.

It is actually getting hard to find aftermarket supplies as small as 400 Watts. Do not be afraid to buy a 500 watt supply.

As to not shutting down properly, if the front panel switches are connected properly, the problem is with one of 2 things.

Either the shut down circuit in the power supply has failed.

Or, the power control circuit on the motherboard has failed.

A new power supply will fix the former. A new motherboard would be required to fix the later.


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I don't like the second scenario!

by b.confell In reply to Shut Down

Thank you for taking the time to reply.
And though I may not be enthusiastic about the possible need to replace mobo as well, it's better to know in advance.
Thank you again

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I only use Antec as well

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What PSU would you pick?

Only Power Supplies worth putting into a case as far as I'm concerned.


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Thermaltake PSU

by Vendril In reply to I only use Antec as well

I am currently using a Thermaltake PSU and have not been dissapointed.

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A couple of things against Thermaltake PS's

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thermaltake PSU

one of the big ones is that the Wholesalers that I deal with don't sell these which is sort of important but the really big one is that I have seen the results of a High Voltage Line coming into contact with the Mains Power Lines when a Tree fell onto them in a severe storm.

The PS in question sent about 18 inches to 2 feet of Flame out of the Fan Opening setting fire to the curtain behind the computer which was a bit spectacular but considering that there was now 33,000 Volts Involved the computers reaction was fairly minor compared to every other electrical device in the neighborhood did a similar thing before expiring and heading to Silicon Heaven the Electric Stoves where quite Spectacular I should day.

Anyway the Computer in question was good and properly dead when it was inspected and the Insurance Company insisted that I try a new PS in the thing to see what if anything happened. I didn't expect anything at all to happen except maybe the destruction of a otherwise perfectly good PS. But I was wrong the Antec Earthworks PS that was in that unit sacrificed itself and saved the computer it was still working faultlessly 3 years latter when it was decommissioned.

That was the only device in the entire Neighborhood that survived the "Electrical Event" and by all rights it shouldn't have. The only reason that the insurance company was so insistent that I try this was because of the cost of recovering the Data off a dead HDD. It was a company Server and after that the Company itself and the Insurance Companies involved in covering for this type of event only specified Antec Power Supplies as their Approved PS.

Not something that I would recommend to do to see what happens but it was interesting none the less as it shouldn't have worked again. Prior to that I got a computer in from Townsville where the Electrical Contractors when replacing a Transformer from the Overland Transmission Grid into the Domestic Grid incorrectly connected it back-wards so instead of stepping down it was stepping up to something like 111KV that also was apparently the only survivor from that Incident.

Personally I don't need any better test to see what will protect my systems and in the event of a PS they should self destruct and prevent high voltages inside the case. With the Cheap PS's I have seen cases of Mains Power getting to the M'Board and Drives when one failed in a server and sent Mains Power out over the Network Lines destroying everything connected to the Network. That server was then less than 10 days old and was a very expensive repair.


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Just wow.

by Kingbackwards In reply to A couple of things agains ...

2 feet of flames out the back?

That sounds more like a cooling issue to me. Maybe you should have gotten a bigger fan for the case. Antec makes so nice fans also.

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