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what r d career optn for engineer n pg e-business grad?

By shvk ·
what are the various career opportunities for a person who is a graduate of electronics and telecommunications engineering with a pgdba specializing in e-business?

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Electronic Design??????

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to what r d career optn for ...

That is the most obvious.

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Itz wat u rly wnt 2 do...

by Geekaholic In reply to what r d career optn for ...

.... provided you realise that there is a big difference in typing in a keyboard and typing in mobile phone. And when you type in a keyboard its easier to use the actual spelling of the words. And it will help you from recruiters throwing your application to trash coz they judge you as lacking seriousness. So try to use dictionary in your phone (trust me it is far easier.. 'easy' takes only four clicks, but "ez" takes six clicks) and use normal language everywhere else.

For career you can choose anything in Electronics, communications or in IT. Natural choice would be networking field. Thats my 2 cents.

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