What r these programs/files & can i delete them??

By cyberjan ·
In add and delete programs i have ms baseline security analizer - I dont know what this is can i delete it?
I have MS internet security and accalerator server
MS office web componets
This server does not have office on it...but do i need this for the other workstations to use??
It is a server for a non-profit..installed by someone who cant be located. It has raisorsedge 7, a fundraising databaseon it and when i upgraded it installed SQL Server 2005
That blew away my space on the c drive ...i only have 300mb free on this win 2000 server.
it has 2005 backward compatibility
native client
setup support
vss writerWhat the heck is that??
In c:\winnt I have config.msi with a lot of rbf files dated years ago
and I have windows installer, and installshield installation folder with a ton of dirs named in numbers like update files under it from years ago.
I googled it and it seems like it is a free program that keep tracks of win updates...It would free up a lot of space if i could remove this.
can I safely delete these files?

Thanks Jan

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Well in answer to all your questions

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What r these programs/fil ...

ms baseline security analizer

Is exactly what it says it is a Security Analyser and for full specifications look here

MS internet security and accalerator

Commonly called ISA is M$ firewall and it's pretty good to boot so I would probably say that if you are removing this it would only be to replace it with a newer version but a full description is available here however I've made a bit of a guess as you didn't mention which version and only said years of stuff so I've posted ISA 2004 documentation if you want to look up a newer or older version you can on the M$ Knowledge Base. A newer version will naturally consume more HDD Space as it does more than the older version does.

vss writer

Stands for Volume Shadow Copy and a full description is available here

At a guess I would tend to think that you need this.

rbf files

Can be any of these but I would tend to think that it's the first option maybe

Depending on what the files actually are they may be safe to remove some of them but I wouldn't suggest that you remove the newer ones just yet.

If you are only concerned with HDD space why not clone the drive to a bigger Drive with something like Hiren's boot CD which is available for download here free

That would be the cheapest and safest way to proceed and even if you have some form of RAID Array you can still clone each drive separately and get a bigger RAID Array providing that the Hardware supports the bigger HDD/s.


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by cyberjan In reply to Well in answer to all you ...

I am trying to determine if these things came with windows 2000 server or if they we added by the former consultant who has disappeared...I will research it using your links... i looked at the isa and couldnt really tell..we have dsl through a provider that provides a i quess i should ask them if another is necessary.
thanks again...

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