What RDP Server is on my WinServer 2003 .. just got responsibility

By efbatey ·
Just got a ws2k3 which prior admin THOUGHT he got Citrix but either not licenses or different product. I can RDP thru firewall to this host 2K3-R2 but message .. dont have license server. Can I identify, remove and simply have one or two remote session capabilities?

Sri, I'm a Unix guy and have few MS Wind smart guys around.

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by christianshiflet In reply to What RDP Server is on my ...

The error message means that there is not Terminal Services Licensing Server setup on your network. You could add that service going through the "Add Windows Components" process or, if you are only using RDP for remote administration and not remote access for numerous users, you could change Terminal Server to operate in Remote Administration mode instead of Application Server mode (which requires licensing server). This is also done through the Add/Remove Windows Components process.

Please let me know if this is helpful, unclear, or you have other questions. Thanks.

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WS2K3 TS License missing

by efbatey In reply to Re: RDP

I have heard there is a way to strip down the Terminal Server Licensing to support only admin, at least until we can figure out what the last guy failed to purchase with WinServ 2003 R2. Looking at services (MANAGE) there are both Citrix License and Term Service .. If I understand right I need the license server up, running and authorized to use the minimum to the maximum remote desktop services? Is that another product I have to buy or should it be included with no tun time fee from original media?
Any tips on howto papers: determine which MS or Citrix product is now answering on the RDP port? modify what is running? chose the other options? Thanks Ev (UNIX, not MS guy, in deep water)

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there is no "strip down" of TS for admin mode

by CG IT In reply to WS2K3 TS License missing

the default Windows server installation is to have TS admin mode. During installation, you have to choose to make the server an Application Terminal Server.

Further, by default in admin mode, your allowed 2 concurrent connections to the server and only 2.

If the server was configured to be an Application Server, you should already have the licensing service running on the box or on another server somewhere. The Terminal Server [application server]would not accept any connections from clients without it. You will also need TS CALs which are not device or user CALs.

for an overview of the Terminal Services licensing, here is a MS Technet article.

There are links to other articles on terminal services in this licensing overview if needed.

As the first poster suggested, you can view the Windows Components install through the add/remove programs MMC and choose Windows Components.

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