What registry location applies to "All Users", and is read/write?

By xenmachine ·
I need to store a read/write string in the registry. First I tried putting it in HKLM, because I figured it would be available to any user that logged on. It's there, but they can't write it. Then I read some more about the registry, and decided that HKCU is a better place, but I get the same "access denied" when I try to write to it.

Where am I supposed to put this thing?

Possibility (I haven't tried it yet):

1. Write the string as Admin into HKLM
2. Read as normal user from HKLM
3. Write as normal user to HKU

-- would that work?


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Maybe I'm particularly dense tonight ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What registry location ap ...

But you have completely lost me.

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Using the Registry

Using the Registry

Applications may use the registry for storing read/write application data and configuration files.

The HKCU registry is appropriate for storing small amounts of data (less than 64KB) and for policy settings that are per user.

Avoid writing to HKLM during runtime, because normal Users have Read Only access to the entire HKLM tree by default.

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