What security issues does Facebook pose?

By gmv4653 ·
My network uses Websense to block user access to Facebook. It has been suggested that we allow specific individuals 30 minute daily quotas to access Facebook. Apart from the obvious productivity loss, what network security risks would we be facing if access to Facebook were granted, regardless of the time quota?

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Aside from the obvious

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What security issues does ...

Malicious apps being passed about, fools posting confidential information, berks confusing their personal online presence with their professional one as a representative of the company, you mean?
The fact that FB's founder does not believe in privacy as a concept?

This isn't a how quation, it's a why. Aside from the dubious idea that face book friends are useful to the job, I can't think of single justification for facebook at work.
No different to any other personal IM package, or even a P2P client, or accessing your personal emails. They do allow ity at our place (and aside from a couple of people killing their machines with a malicious app, the only system impact was using upm bandwidth. Not an FB user myself, but iof I was, I'd be very reluctant to use it at work, it's just asking for it.

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It would probably be easier to ask

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What security issues does ...

What Security Issues allowing FB on the Network doesn't Pose?

Personally I can not think of any issues that it doesn't have the possibility to cause but then again I suppose it all depends on what the business actually does. After all it's not going to be as damaging tot he business if it's a Small Office in the God I can not even think of a industry where it wouldn't be fatal to a Doctors Surgery where Patient Information was regularly in use.

Put simply allow FB on and you will get sued for breaching Data Security of your Customers. Some way somehow FB will destroy whatever security you have in place most likely with the idea that it's a great idea to Share this thing with my Fiends. Yes that is exactly what I mean and no it's not a typo.

I suppose in the best case scenario you will just have the company go broke because their Bank Accounts get drained and they are unable to pay their staff but in my experience Security Breaches almost always lead to much more expensive results than something as simple as the loss of the companies money.


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