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What server backup solution do you use

By helen15 ·
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What server backup solution do you use for your business? I am confused with various solution's available. I run a small business. We provide training for students and also provide assistance in their projects. We are about to start a new wing where we will have clients from abroad and we will be working on various projects for them. We will be developing websites for handling the work and other activities. I wanna make sure that the data's are safe. I don't want to lose anything. One of me friends told me about this offsite server backup provider called vpb llc Solutions. Is anyone using their service? It will be nice is if someone can put up a good list from which I can choose.

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Server backup solution

by techguydave In reply to What server backup soluti ...

Hi Helen, did you find something that worked for you?

I'd suggest taking a look at Armada Cloud. They provide an onsite backup appliance that's replicated to the cloud, so you have local backups of everything for quick restores in case there's a problem but also have the added protection of offsite backups of everything as well. They're also very experienced with regulated areas like education, healthcare, and finance - take a look at their featured customers on their site:

Whichever way you go, good luck!

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Cloud Backup

by bryanwaltersmn In reply to What server backup soluti ...

I always prefer using cloud backup services that keeps my data secure and takes the update on every weekend.

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What server backup solution do you use

by liyagrey In reply to What server backup soluti ...

Many companies that have a series of branch offices or a staff that works remotely deploy what is known as a virtual private network or VPN. The primary purpose of a VPN is to allow business partners to communicate over a secure network from a remote location via IPsec or Internet Protocol Security. By using a VPN companies view this as one of the safest ways to link users together that are distributed across multiple locations .

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What server backup solution do you use

by mritguy22 In reply to What server backup soluti ...

I would check out Veeam. IMHO its the best backup solution out there. I have been very impressed by the solutions reliability and support.

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Re: What server backup solution do you use?

by Mike_Cartwright In reply to What server backup soluti ...

Hey, Helen.

Have you had any luck finding a backup server for your small business? If not, I came across this post from the Tech Republic:

It was written a few years back so I'm not entirely sure if the information listed still applies today but I think the five solutions they've mentioned are reliable and worth your time.

Note: These apps are applicable if you're working ONLY with a Windows server. You haven't mentioned what system you have in place.

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