What Server Roles Do I need to Install/Setup/Configure

By KevinCharles586 ·
I am trying to help a friend setup his small companies server. The box is a compaq ML370, Running Server 2003 R2, He wants to install 3 programs on the server and use them on 3 computers connected to the server at the garage where the server is located. Furthermore, his wife who is recovering from cancer wants to be able to access the server from their home computer via VPN (and also have access to the programs installed on the server. The programs they want installed are Office 07, Quick Books and a Program called Glass Avenue. The 3 computers at the garage will also need to access an internet connection through the server. If I need to setup terminal server, do i need TCALS/CALs for all of the other computers (they run vista) Any help would be appreciated, Im not getting paid for this, mostl cuz they have no money from medical costs. so all help advice and guidance is appreciated.

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Should work as is..

by Bapster In reply to What Server Roles Do I ne ...

I thought that the basic 2003 server included 5 CALS, but I may be thinking of SBS Server. Anyway, you should have everything you need to get going. You can set it up as a workgroup server, or a domain/AD server. As far as Internet, you can just connect all machines to a Switch, which you can connect to a Router, which is then connected to their Broadband internet service (either a cable or dsl modem) Most times the router will have a 4 port switch built in, so you may not need the switch.

You can configure RRAS (Routing & Remote Access) on the server to setup/allow the VPN access. You will have to open up the required VPN ports on the router. But you should have most of what you need already. Although an ML 370 is a little older, I would beef up the RAM and make sure I had enough HD space.

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As far as the applications

by Bapster In reply to Should work as is..

Most applications are stored/installed on the workstations, and the data is simply stored on the server and shared (in the case of Quickbooks) which requires you to have the mutil-user version) Unless you were going to access the server via Terminal Services then you could run it from the server.

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by rkuhn In reply to Should work as is..

Win 2003 only comes with 2 CAL's to be used for RDC and not Terminal Services per se.

Then, of course, the minimim purchase of TS CAL's is 5 at roughly $100 each.

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