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What services (web, NAV, exch) should not go together on the same server?

By slipspeed ·
I've just inherited a mess of a network and a partial migration. The old domain was running on ancient hardware and I have to now combine 15 servers down to 7. Ideally, I wanted to keep several services separate from eachother for availability, performance and security concerns but I just can't do that with the hardware I've received.

As a general rule what types of services should not go together? Is it okay to have your internal web server running your antivirus services? What about putting WINS, DNS, AD and Exch all on one box? I have one box that apparantly has HFNetcheck, SQL, SMS and some SNMP network management software running. I'm still sorting out what my predecessor has done.

Basically what services commonly go together on the same box based on performance, availability and security?

What services should never be loaded together on the same box?

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by slipspeed In reply to What services (web, NAV, ...

Is it bad to run AD and exch together? If so, why? Also, should SMS and SQL be on the same box?

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What Services

by sylvain_perrier In reply to What services (web, NAV, ...

You're on the right track. The big three (Exchange, SQL, AD) should never be on the same machine. Think of it this way, if that one machine goes down the whole company stops generating revenue. If the Exchange machine goes down they'll still be able to crunch reports and do queries. On another note, I always isolate Anti-Virus and backup software on separate machines it deserves it from a security perspective and it makes sense. Hope this helps.

Sylvain Perrier

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Thanks for the confirmation

by slipspeed In reply to What Services

Great, this confirms my logic and pretty much lines up with what I had laid out. Now the only thing I have to figure out is where to put my network mangement apps (SolarWinds, CiscoWorks, HpOpenview) and my SMS.

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