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What shall i be using

By somebozo ·
ok i have to implement a network consisting of about 600 client. the entire network is broken down into 6 subnet. and i cant decide what i will be using to connect all 6 subnets to the main server.

Shall i be using a router..if yes then what kind

or shall i use managed switch with routing functions..??

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It's Homework Time

by BFilmFan In reply to What shall i be using

Is the network all in one location?

What OS is involved?

What else did your instructor give you for information to complete this assignment?

What is the instructor's name and the school so that someone can go and poke him in his eye with a sharp stick for continuing to send students to TR to ask homework questions?

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u idiot its not homework

by somebozo In reply to It's Homework Time

its not homework u idiot...neither i am in some kind of academy or something.. Well im mostly an operating system guy but this time i actually have to deal with physical network devices and i can settle on one..

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Being Stupid

by BFilmFan In reply to u idiot its not homework

Since you decided to call names, my advise is to hire someone qualified to operate the network.

You obviously aren't.

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If you don't know networking

by jdclyde In reply to u idiot its not homework

you have no business setting up networks. You are only going to mess it up and look bad.

BfilmFan is right on. Hire it out.

Trust me, you are NOT going to be able to configure a Cisco, nor be able to handle the routing tables that will allow the groups to connect.

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well im not gonna do it

by somebozo In reply to If you don't know network ...

right now, my aim is to only finish this bloody diagram in visio.. and im still stuck at this part.. what should i label it as..??? i am sure not gonna deploy the production network..heck its not even my job..~!!

anyone care to help for real now??

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