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What Shall I pursuit Money....or...a ...Status...Job!

By ivansalinasm ·
I'm 26 years old...i'm relatively...young...Also finshed first in my IT Eng. class, and i have a second specialization in hevy equipment machinery administration.
With effort i have reach a IT management job in a big International company which works in a Mine in South america, (I'm just 6 monts in it)...the problem is that the company has started operations a few years ago,in this mine, and the contract will expire in eight years from now.(I have reject a previous offer from them, believing it was a trick...)
The problem is that the mine wants me to work for them,in it's IT Department some times in the field but i pretty much don't belived that...; the payment is triple than my actual paycheck.
I also will have to work 4x4, so I will have some free time, another disadvantage is the field risk I will have to face....although i have field experience in mines...I'm not sure. But in some years i will be promoted
I'm soure you will have some good ideas to share with me
thank you in advantage

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by Black Panther In reply to What Shall I pursuit Mone ...

If you have no ties, ie not married, no kids, etc
well then it may be well worth considering. An opportunity to make money whilst you are young and no ties doesn't happen everyday.

When you settle down, it's then when you need to think of your family etc.

Also status, money is not everything as you will find out when you are older!

I would say give it a go - what have you got to lose!

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None !

by jfsalazar In reply to What Shall I pursuit Mone ...

Given your relative youth and no familiar attachments I think you need to go gaining more experience. I have just quitted a two and a half years job which was a good pay but wasn't challenging nor motivating, I rather a lower payment but a more grateful job for sure!

Juan F.
Santiago de Chile

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