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What shall we name for our department?

By cherry_wangjing ·
my current department call "QA", working on Project Development Process Management, we maintain our process management framework, and push guidelines/template; We also can push new tech/tools, like drive automation testing, research and decide to buy which auto testing tools....; we also maintain training, for train PM/DM/QCM on project management and process, we also trainning new commer for process managment;I found we cann't call "QA" any more, because i found most of "QA" in marketing is for testing team, so what shall we title?

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by cherry_wangjing In reply to What shall we name for ou ...

Can we call "PMO"?

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by BFilmFan In reply to What shall we name for ou ...

Project Management Office is usually in charge of actively managing projects. It appears that you are doing some of the those processes already. I don't see why you couldn't call the department anything the management team approves.

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by JamesRL In reply to What shall we name for ou ...

I had a similar role and my group was called IT Process Assurance. You might add "and Process Improvement". Other groups I have worked with that had a similar role were called Process Engineering.


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by SridharPandu In reply to What shall we name for ou ...

Call it "QA" you are still actively performing Quality assurance activities. Even training a new recruit is a form of ensuring that they perform as per the organisational qaulity standards.

Testing is Quality Control and not Quality Assurance.

To give you the difference "Quality Assurance" is the planning and strategising part. Quality Control is a line function and performed to meet Quality Assurance norms.

In short no need of a name change

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by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to What shall we name for ou ...

It sounds like you are doing process engineering, which would be a good name for your department.

Craig Herberg

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by spatelone In reply to What shall we name for ou ...

Since your department is acting as "Operations", i.e., training, development, QA, etc., which all falls under Operations. I would say go with "OS", Operations Support.

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by iwaheed In reply to What shall we name for ou ...

Since you are involved in development of processes, creation or integration of technologies in-house or outsource or combined approach.

Testing and training is also a part of what I explained above

Testing and training must be performed for both process or technologies before production site is authorized.

Therefore, I suggest to keep the name as "Solution Development Department".

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