What should be completed first? Office move or Domain migration

By yrone.moorehead ·
My company is moving offices but at the same time we need to migrate our domain. We need to move to Exchange 2010, Microsoft Server 2008 and migrate our domain. I need to determine what would be the best strategy. Should I wait until after the office move to perform the Exchange, server, and domain migration? Or perform the Exchange, server, and domain migration before the office move? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.

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by christianshiflet In reply to What should be completed ...

I would suggest completing the physical move first. That way you are settled in and won't be rushed to complete the migration in the event that everything doesn't go as planned. I assume that the deadline to move the office is much more fixed than the deadline to complete the server and domain migration.

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I to would opt to move and then latter Migrate

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What should be completed ...

But I'm to the first to admit that I'm lazy and don't like doing unnecessary work.

Here I'm assuming that the move is fairly close and is more or less set in stone so it's gong to happen no matter what. You need to get the hardware relocated and working first before introducing any more possible problems into the mix that can drive you insane attempting to fault find.

Of course if the current system is unreliable and falling over all of the time it may not make much of a difference but I would assume most places have at the very least a stable Environment.


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