What should be my budget for a high-end gaming laptop in UK?

By danialsmith870 ·
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Hi, It is my first question which I have asked in the title. Actually my son want to play high-end games. I suggested a desktop PC but he would like to go with a laptop. Now I am confuse as I am not aware about gaming laptops and that's why I decided to visit here . Now kindly give me an idea that how much my budget should be to buy high-end laptop and if you also know about any gaming laptop, then also share as well.
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Which game?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to What should be my budget ...

Minecraft can run fine on run of the mill gaming laptops. Doom Eternal seems to demand something very current (and expensive.)

Since you left out what games you want to play as well as what possible settings you want to run them at, we can't start.

Also, not everyone knows what your budget and choices are yet. Tell more.

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The best gaming laptop under 750 dollars

by jamesill In reply to What should be my budget ...

Nowadays I'm having a tough time to finding the best gaming laptop Under 750 dollars? Can you suggest me something?
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