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    What should be the ideal fan speed?


    by jimoravidar ·

    my laptop fan is getting louder is there any way to control fan speed or check it

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      For most computers.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to What should be the ideal fan speed?

      You set it to automatic or never change it.

      If the fan has excessive noise you replace the fan. You omitted the make and model so no one can look at how much it is in their country and if it’s something easy to replace.

      Setting the speed lower is a good way to lose the motherboard. No one I know advises this.

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      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to What should be the ideal fan speed?

      Check the owner’s manual or ask your laptop manufacturer. Lower end laptops are not as likely to have such features. What make/model laptop do you have?

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      Re: fan noise

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to What should be the ideal fan speed?

      Good reasons explaining fan noise other than a broken fan are:
      (1) CPU is used while you don’t expect it – check task manager
      (2) insufficient cooling – clean the inside of the laptop

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      Ideal Fan Speed

      by jenniemiller ·

      In reply to What should be the ideal fan speed?

      If you have the stock CPU fan, then running a fan at 70% of RPM or above will be the recommended CPU fan speed range. For gamers when their CPU temperature reaches 70C, setting RPM at 100% is the ideal CPU fan speed. At 50C to 55C the normal CPU fan speed should be around 50% of total RPM

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        Tell more.

        by rproffitt ·

        In reply to Ideal Fan Speed

        Read the top post again. Their issue sounds more like an aging fan.

        This area is one where 90% plus of users just need it to work without installing more software. Out of about the hundred laptops I’ve seen in the past month, not one reported fan speed in any menu or app that came with the laptop.

        A few laptops did allow some adjust to set the fan to “always on” so to not jar the user from low/off speed to a cooling speed but that was it.

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