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    What should I concentrate on?


    by barissener ·

    Hi all,

    I am an IT student. I am going on my third semester this fall in george mason university. I cannot decide what area i should concentrate on? databese? network? information security? I am interested in all of these. I do not have any advanced knowledge about them though. For example which one requires the most work? Which one will give me a better job? Which one will get me a job faster? I am just trying to learn some advantages or disadvantages of these areas.

    Thank you,

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      by barissener ·

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      by jellimonsta ·

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      If you are only in your third semester, I would not try to concentrate on any one of them just yet. I would try to build your knowledge base in IT systems as a whole before you ‘specialize’.
      Some of the path you take will be determined by your personality. There are a plethora of IT positions and paths out there, so your career could take many turns.
      If you enjoy database administration, DBA’s can make a pretty good living. The positions generally pay more than a Network Admin type position with similar experience.
      A lot of IS/ IT Security position entail a lot of paperwork. So, unless you enjoy documentation, think hard before you start down the Security path.
      Good luck, and take some time to smell the flowers, or humming processors, if you will. 🙂

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        by barissener ·

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        I will 🙂 Hopefully. 🙂

        I wanted to choose an area to concentrate on because after my third semester, the school asks me to choose electives. And these electives fall in 4 categories which are:
        1. Information Security
        2. Networking / Telecommunications
        3. Web Development and Multimedia
        4. Database Technology and Programming

        I dont want to take classes on security and then get a job in networking after I graduate. If I am gonna be in the networking sector, I want to take classes in networking so I’ll be ready to do the job.

        I am really interested in database management. I dont know much about it, but years ago when I was learning Microsoft Access, I really enjoyed it. But I am sure there is more to it. So I guess time will show 🙂

        P.S. I also know that DBA’s make good money, so maybe that’s why I am so interested 🙂

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      You might do better…

      by boxfiddler ·

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      to consider where your natural tendencies lie, and what you enjoy. A good paycheck is great, but if you hate what you do to earn it you may find later in life that you are miserable. Happiness in your work is worth a great deal more than you may think at this moment.

      Are you detail oriented? Do you enjoy fishing through details to find the problem? Do you like ‘hands on’, physical work? Fixing things in the most practical of senses? Are you creative? Does your thought process flow concisely from point A to point B?

      Each of these questions yields an answer that should help you shape your eventual choice as to how you narrow your field of study.

      I agree with jellimonsta – pursue the whole for now – keeping in mind the questions above and keeping note of where you naturally excel and how much you enjoy what you learn.


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      Part time job to build experience

      by brudab ·

      In reply to What should I concentrate on?

      I fully agree with both responders above. One more thing I’d add is that if you can get an internship or part time job in an IT department, it would help you make your final decision. The hands-on experience will expand your knowledge so you can really hit the ground running after you’re done with school.
      It also helps build up the years of experience that future employers wil be looking for.

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