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    What should I Do?


    by melolvr68 ·

    I am running XP Pro on a custom built P4 1.6ghz (P4x266-8233)with three hard drives. The computer is now spiking CPU usage of 100% and i am receiving a lot of error messages,i.e “error object required”,”runtime error has occured do you wish to debug?” line 1475. and now my entire office suite has stopped functioning. When I open anything from the office suite, it will open for a second and then say,”Error occured and this feature is no longer functioning properly. Would you like to repair?” when i say yes, I receive a message saying “installing “prgm” then i get, this feature not avail. when i click ok i get a massage that the “program” was not installed for this user. please run setup to install?
    The other problem is that I can’t seem to locat the disk for Office 2003 as i recently moved and some things are here with me and some in another state pending my picking them up.
    Any suggestions as to what the problems are and where i should begin to correct?

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      by mjd420nova ·

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      It sounds like you have some spy-ware issues. It could also be a trojan. Disconnect the unit from your LAN by pulling the cable from the connector and do a spy-ware sweep. Also an adware check wouldn’t hurt either. If you can, bring up the task manager and monitor the processes to see what program is gobbling up the cpu usage. What ever it is may reveal itself and you can clean it out.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      Also run the scans in [b]Safe Mode[/b] as they are easier to clean out that way.


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      by jamhussla ·

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      Use a McAfee AntiSpyware to scan, other spyware scanners do not give u a thorough scan. If there is no spyware uninstall Microsoft Office and the reinstall. It should work.

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      by chandru10378 ·

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      After reading your problem i had come to an conclusion that some of the system/supported files which are needed to open your file had been corrupted.So its asking for repair option and you might have changed the location of the dump so it cannot automatically located the location.So when its asking for the location you can locate manually the location for the dumps.After that problem will be solved OR reinstall the software again.

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      by kiltie ·

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      Try the system file checker, to check for damaged/corrupt system files:

      Open a command prompt window and type


      You’ll need your system CD and it takes around 20 mins to run.

      If that doesn’t work, try a non destructive “hot” reinstall of XP, Fred Langer tells you how here:

      To quote from his article:

      “this option lets you completely and nondestructively rebuild, repair, or refresh an existing XP installation while leaving already-installed software alone (no reinstallation needed!). It also leaves user accounts, names, and passwords untouched and takes only a fraction of the time a full, from-scratch reinstall does. And unlike a traditional full reinstall, this option doesn’t leave you with two copies of XP on your hard drive. Instead, you end up with just the original installation, but repaired, refreshed, and ready to go.”

      Good luck

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