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What should I do next?

By itstech ·
I just got my MCSE and now hold 10 IT Certifications. I also have my B.S. in CmpE and about three years of IT experience. Should I continue down with getting more IT Certifications? My employer pays for my books and exams. If I do continue down with IT Certifications, then is it imperative for me to at least get my CCNA? Or can I already focus on high level certs such as PMP or maybe CISSP? By their definition I may qualify for their certifications in that I manage IT Projects and develop security policies. Problem is that I do not have an official Management position.

Another route I am thinking about is going back to school. I want to get my MBA. I was also thinking of joining a dual degree program and getting my Masters in Electrical Engineering. Do I even need a MSEE since I already have a B.S. in CmpE? Or is a MBA sufficient? It would take just one more year to get the MSEE along with the MBA.

What do you think I should do next? Do I need to get my CCNA? Which would give me a better ROI? Getting a PMP or CISSP certification paid for by my employer? Or investing 100K for business school? Also if I decide to get my MBA part time instead of full time, then should I even bother with the PMP?

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Why cert if you aren't going to use it???

by JamesRL In reply to What should I do next?

Have you, by the way, looked up the requirements for a PMP - I don't think you would qualify unless you lie on your resume. You need 5 years experience on projects, with experience in all aspects of projects including planning, budgeting, project management. This is not a paper cert for a newbie, this is hard work.

Invest in a cert that stimulated you intellectually and one that has some application to your job, now and in the future.


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Re: Why cert if you aren't going to use it???

by itstech In reply to Why cert if you aren't go ...


Thanks for your reply. Yes you need 5 years of experience for the PMP cert if you only have an Associate Degree or High School Diploma, but you only need 3 years experience if you have a Bachelor's Degree. I have three years experience in IT plus an additional year in leading engineering projects.

Would you recommend that I bother with the PMP when I am planning to apply for business school (MBA)? Would you put more weight for the PMP or a Project Management Certificate from an accredited University?

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by JamesRL In reply to Re: Why cert if you aren' ...

From the job ads I've seen here, the PMP is seen as a near equivalent to a professional designation - like a CMA.

I've not looked at the requirements recently, but when I joined PMI 6 years ago, it was not 5 and 3 but 7 and 5.

An MBA is broad, a PMP is narrow. You could chose to do the MBA and get the certificate then write the PMP exam.


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PMP may be out of your reach

by tfitzpatrick In reply to What should I do next?

I am currently taking the courses I need for my PMP and I think you may be out of reach based on your experience. You need to have actual Project Management experience, at least that is what I have found. I have formal Project Management experience and I found it helped me right away in the first course. You may have had experience leading projects, but unless this covered the whole gambit of the project(planning, scheduling, budget, etc) it is not truly defined as Project Management experience.

Also one thing you should keep in mind is that the PMP cert is more for non-techies. I am a former Developer/Analyst who moved into a Management role (application development Manager) and then went down the PMP path. If you want to stay focused on the technology side of IT, then PMP is probably not for you.

Just my opinion of course.

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