What should I do w/ free Macrium Reflect v.7.1.2963 (UEFI) to be protected?

By JADavis9 ·
What should I really do with the free version of Macrium Reflect v.7.1.2963 (UEFI) to protect myself so that I could recover the Windows 10 and its Settings along with all of my Programs? Somebody had me get it as we worked on my PC.
I backup my data elsewhere regularly using another program.
I’m a beginner and I hate to say it but I don’t really want to try to learn everything about using this Macrium Reflect and then to even try to remember what I learn. I just want to email myself some quick notes and it somewhere that I can access if my PC crashes.
So, how would I use that to boot my desktop Windows 10 DELL if it wouldn't boot and what would I do from there to write that complete image onto the drive that Windows is on?
My Windows 10, its Settings and my Programs are all on an internal SSD and my data is all on an internal HDD.
I just don't know anything about using these Disk Images to recover if the worst happens and the PC won't boot. I’ve noticed that the Disk Images are huge and it freaked out OneDrive when it was stored as a document. ;-)
I've had Macrium set to do a new FULL SYSTEM IMAGE (???) every week and maybe some Incremental Updates but I'm not so sure that's even necessary. Maybe just doing an occasional FULL SYSTEM IMAGE and then Deleting the old one so I only ever have one. I could even just save them on a big thumbdrive.
I'm constantly needing or wanting to go Delete a few of the oldest ones.
Free space isn't a problem since my 931 GB HDD is only Used 94.3%.
But today when I opened Macrium to see if I could figure out how to PAUSE or MODIFY the Scheduled Imaging, it offered me a new version and one of the checkbox options at the beginning of the download offered me some new Integrated viBoot 2. I accepted it even though I know nothing about what it is or how I'd ever use it.
I really don't want to try to become really knowledgeable about this since I really hope that I never need to use it.
But having some info filed away in my that I can reach from any device would make me feel better just in case the worse thing happened.

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