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What should I get next - MCSE or MCITP?

By stelye ·
I signed up for's unlimited program (you get to use all of the training they have for any exam you want), and I need help deciding what to get next. I've already used it to get my Network+ 2009 certification, and then I passed SQL Server 2005 (70-431). I'm trying to decide which way to go from here: MCSE or MCITP? What are the pros/cons of each?

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How about a job?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What should I get next - ...

Boy, this smells like spam, but I'll let someone else make the call.

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I do detect the faint smell of processed meat

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to How about a job?

However, there isn't a specific solicitation.

I'd err on the side of free speech. If pricing, specials or the like get mentioned subsequently, then I'd say hit the button.

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First Impression - spam!

by KSoniat In reply to How about a job?

At least it is a bit more subtle than the usual.

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I'm betting we never hear back from the guy.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to First Impression - spam!

He's dumped this 'question' out there to draw attention to the first shilling sentence. He doesn't care what we think he should do with his career because has no plans to get any certification other than from Hormel. Even his car is blue with yellow lettering, and he has to open the door with a turn-key.

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OK, Now your are scaring me...

by KSoniat In reply to I'm betting we never hear ...

Are you telling me you know the colors of the spam can?!?

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"Old man, how is it you know the Spam colors?"

by CharlieSpencer In reply to OK, Now your are scaring ...

"Young woman, how is it you do not?"

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Major avoidance issues

by KSoniat In reply to "Old man, how is it you k ...

My sister went away to girl scout camp and asked my mom to get this really cool food they had there. Turns out it was spam "fried".

Skeptically my mom got some and fried it up.

Seems when you are outside all day and at camp just about anything tastes good. It's a whole 'nuther story when you get home.

The closest I get to spam is on the old Monty Python CD's on the telly.

Tammy flashes a view of it up some weeks too.

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re:I'm betting we never hear back from the guy.

by stelye In reply to I'm betting we never hear ...

Woman. Hi, I'm Linda.
Is everyone around here so cynical? =/

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Many of us, yes; and an apology.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to re:I'm betting we never h ...

We frequently get new 'members' who's only purpose is the unsolicited advertisement of their products. Your post opened with a specific URL and high praises for a company previously unknown to the general membership, along with an alphabet soup of certifications. This is pretty close to the pattern demonstrated by those pushing their canned pork.

Unlike them, you've returned to continue your discussion. I see you've also been active in some of the other threads. Based on this evidence, please accept my apology for misjudging you. I do not deserve the honor of welcoming you to TR, but I hope you'll overlook my boorishness and continue exploring this corner of the web.

As to your original question, I'm still sticking with my flippant but heart-felt answer. Are you chasing certs or do you also have a job? While the membership here is divided on the subject, I'm in the camp that considers experience at least as important as certification.

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by stelye In reply to Many of us, yes; and an a ...

I'm working in a jack-of-all-trades position ("office manager") for a small company. To keep costs down, my responsibilities are starting to include taking care of a lot of the tech aspects of the business. I have some experience in IT, but until now not much formal training. Our servers are going to be more or less my responsibility, and with our company growing as it is, I wanted to plan for now and for the future (both the company's and my own!)
I just wanted advice on which way to go: MCSE or MCITP?

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