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What should my "official" title be?

By wayne62682 ·
I realize that titles mean jack squat in the large scheme of things, but in any event I'm wondering what exactly my title should be.

I am the IT department (i.e. only person0 for a very small 8-person company. That means I'm responsible for keeping systems up and running (sysadmin), database design and maintenance (dba), application design and maintenance (programming). I am considered management-level in the hierarchy of the company; I report directly to the President and work closely with the COO on tactical-level IT initiatives to help our core business. I can recommend purchases, but do not have direct purchasing authority. The company has a contract with a software development firm to provide some assistance with our systems, and I function as liaison between them and the COO. If and when we contract them to undertake larger projects, I am going to function as Project Manager for them.

I was thinking my title should be "Information Services Manager" since that accurately describes my role and doesn't sound pretentious (it was unofficially Director of IT Services, and once during a meeting with our supplier it was on the agenda sheet as Vice President of IT, but given that I only manage computers, not people I think it looks "bad" and smacks of arrogance). I've also seen "Manager, Information Systems" as a similar (albeit more archaic) title for someone in my position.

So again, even though the title has no real bearing on anything, I'd like to have something that effectively conveys my position but gives credit to the fact that I am more than just a "grunt" in the scheme of things.

Any suggestions?

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Information Services Manager...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to What should my "official" ...

seems appropriate. Director implies purchasing power, which you state you don't have. You do, in fact, manage your company's Information Services.


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Also if you receive a monthly wage you can't be a Director ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Information Services Mana ...

Since 'Director' level does not get a salary - they just get a share of the company profits.

They also tend to have a sizable wad of their own money invested in said company.

So, if you haven't re-mortgaged your house to invest in this company, I'd stick with Information Services Manager if I were you.

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Information Services Manager

by paul In reply to Also if you receive a mon ...

Actually Directors are employees of the company so can and do get a salary.

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I disagree, from a UK standpoint ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Information Services Mana ...

"Most company owners need to extract profits from their company to support themselves and their families and perhaps also to fund private investments elsewhere. It is therefore absolutely vital for the company owner to keep abreast of the changing answer to the 'Salary or Dividend' question, as the tax arising under the two methods can be significantly different and the wrong decision can cost thousands of pounds!"

How it operates in your corner of the planet, is another matter.

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on the nail

by dr_evil In reply to I disagree, from a UK sta ...

yes your absolutely right, to define the job role reflects the pay.

I think though the size of the company in question reflects the relaxed issue that we see in small family business's and such so give yourself the grandest title going if you got the oppertunity, it will look nice on the CV but do remember seasoned employers will be scrutinising you when you move on.

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All in a name

by dr_evil In reply to What should my "official" ...

head of I.T. or what about Technical support manager. becasue basically if your doing all that then thats what it is.

Unless you got your finger on the chicken switch or your buying shares like hot meals then director doesnt even enter the equation.

I'm afraid its only one conclusion! Unless there hiring soon and your doing all the grunt jobs then your title must be I.T Technician/I.T. Supervisor/Manager/Head of Technical Support.

I hope your getting paid well?

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This is my

by zlitocook In reply to What should my "official" ...

Title "Infrastructure support specialist? which means I do every thing and can be paid by this title.
I currently support a 140 person network and do any thing that is needed.
The best thing about this is that I have great things to add to my resume.

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"Director" is an "officer of the company".

by 1bn0 In reply to What should my "official" ...

And therefore bears some responsibilty for the operation and finances of the company.

In Canada Directors can be held personally financially responsible for outstanding regular wages. (hourly pay and vacation pay)

A vice-president usually has authority over some aspect of the business including the authority to spend money for purposese as usually defined by a departmental budget.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to "Director" is an "officer ...

Wrong thread. Sorry.

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Let your title reflect you.

by cabbott In reply to What should my "official" ...

Most companies look at the job title to reflect what you do now. If you manage your tech and personnel, you are an IT manager. If you direct your companies IT growth as well, you are an IT director. If you sit in an office suite with a personnal assistant, take two hour lunches and golf while someone else takes care of the IT, you are a vice president or CIO.

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