What software products use the Intel x86 "Debug Registers"?

By dskwire ·
I have been aware of the architectural feature in the Intel x86 world that allows use of the "Debug Registers" (DR0 thru DR7, I believe), where one can specify an address range in a pair of registers, and then monitor both instruction fetches from that range, and/or storage alterations in that range, and then get an interrupt and perform a software tracing/stopping/display etc, function according to one's desire.

Doing basic google searches I have found various software operating system products (Windows and Linux) that preserve the state of these registers in context switches, but I have not found out what, if any commercial or freeware products actually use these neat register features.

These registers provide functionality similar to IBM mainframe Program Event Recording ("PER") debugging features, now used in z/OS and z/VM, of which I am deeply familiar. And these surely are powerful 'second fault' debugging tools. In that IBM mainframe world, the vendor operating systems provide for the debugging tools. (z/OS SLIP/PER and z/VM CP TRACE), but I haven't found Microsoft mention that Windows has implemented support for these Debug Registers.

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