What software should I use to build for both Apple and android?

By dominicjones0696 ·
Hi all,

I’m just starting out and have not really had any experience building apps. I have a few good ideas however I would like to use a software which has options for the app ive built to export straight to both the App Store and android store. Does anyone have any suggestions for an aspiring app developer?


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Mobile app

by deborasumopayroll In reply to What software should I us ...

With a small investment of time and a willingness to learn, you can create and manage your mobile site or application using one of the app-building platforms listed below.
2.Mobile roadie
4.Good barber
5.Appy Pie
6. App machine
7.Game salad
8.Bizness Apps
9.App Makr
10. ShoutEm

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Mobile app

by azharinstaberry In reply to Mobile app
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Help a beginner

by michaelm929 In reply to Mobile app

If you're starting from scratch with an HTML background which platform would you suggest?
I need the right framework for any updates or new integrations in the future. I would start basic, but do not want to be limited to basic app features.

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im also new

by TheMotivator In reply to What software should I us ...

but i was abble to use appypie to make a prototype app already. pretty easy and accessible for most app types

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a lot of languages

by kimberleycorso8a2 In reply to im also new

it may be the mix of languages

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re dom

by shadexzcrerry5 In reply to What software should I us ...

I personally prefer apple

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Cross-Platform App Development Tools

by helenfoster786 In reply to What software should I us ...

In 2019 you should take the cross-platform development approach. It's good for developing your brand's visibility and increasing your outreach.
Here are some tools that you can use for developing android as well as iOS mobile apps:

1) React Native

2) Xamarin

3) Corona

4) Appcelerator

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Go for ionic

by bitgeek33 In reply to What software should I us ...

Learn ionic, it will give you more freedom and flexibility in long term.

Their docs are thorough and if you are familiar with Jquery/Javascript, you will do file with angular too.

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There are monthly charges and publishing charges

by App+Web In reply to What software should I us ...

Do compare the monthly charges of using each of these software. And, also do take note whether the monthly charge is for just Android or Apple or both or just for a webapp,

Quite a number of them have a fixed rate for certain features and functions and another two or three higher rates for increased features and functions. I should think the monthly charge shouldn't be more than US$30/month.

There is separate publishing charge from Android (one time US$25) and Apple (annual US$99). I should think there shouldn't be any publishing charge for webapp though, but some are charging for webapp on publishing charge.

Trust the above is helpful info.

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