What steps do I take to put a computer and its user back on a domain?

By DavetheDude ·
Server: Windows Server 2003 Standard

Workstation: Dell Optiplex 210

One of my workstations was sluggish, so I ran a software/hardware diagnostic. The hard drive failed the read and read verify test. I now have a newly purchased drive (Seagate-320gb). I don't have any images, only XP SP3 OEM that came with the pc. I tried cloning the drive using Acronis with no success. Can someone help? Or Guide me to the right place?

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by KLK In reply to What steps do I take to p ...

So, if I understand this correctly, you HAD that workstation on a domain, replaced the HDD, gave it a fresh install, and now you want to rejoin it to the domain?

IMO, delete the computer from the domain (if you plan on naming it the same) and re-join it. The user's domain account shouldn't change and won't be affected on the server itself.

If I didn't understand the question, please let me know and we'll try to go into more detail. :)

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Spot On,

by DavetheDude In reply to ...

Yes it was a workstation, and I had to install XP PRO SP3. So all I would need now is an admin login to add it on the domain? I was concerned with losing data on the server? I greatly appreciate your response. If I run Windows XP Repair will that affect anything on the server or domain?

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I think I see

by Kenone In reply to Spot On,

The machines domain account doesn't "own" any of the data files. Only user accounts do. Rejoin the machine to the domain, then log on as the domain user in question and your data should be intact. You need a domain admin logon to rejoin the domain btw.

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Domain Admin Logon?

by DavetheDude In reply to I think I see

I have the username and password for the server will that suffice?

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to Domain Admin Logon?

Yes, if you have the Domain Admin user login and password. AND what type of support are you giving, that you don't know what you have to do? Who made you the Server Administrator/Domain Administrator/or whatever?

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How about you ask the Domain Administrator

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Domain Admin Logon?

or whoever is in charge of the domain?

They will hold the passwords and will rightly want to know what you are intending to do here,

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Im helping my uncle, his IT Guy bailed...

by DavetheDude In reply to How about you ask the Dom ...

Im currently studying Network Communications and I'm familiar with WS2K3 but was not sure on this particular scenario. The relief is that he did leave documentation so I have passwords and IP ADDRESSING. Thanks Gentleman, I will attempt tomorrow. Im also performing manual backups just in case.

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I was not knowing

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Im helping my uncle, his ...

Sorry. I was not knowing your status.

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Reset and rejoin

by oldbaritone In reply to What steps do I take to p ...

If you go into the domain management and look at computers, you can just reset the domain membership of the machine, then re-join it to the domain.

Deleting/re-adding would also work, but the simple reset would preserve any settings in place on the server. The re-add would require changing any settings made to the machine's domain account previously on the server side.

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Thanks everyone...

by DavetheDude In reply to Reset and rejoin

I appreciate the assistance, Have a Happy Labor Day.

Q:If a run an XP repair on a workstation will I have to enter my network settings again?


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