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    What strategy do I need for WSUS Offline?

    by kdsdata ·

    My question is regarding strategy in the use of WSUS Offline and how to handle after support WU updates. Can I add them to the latest version of WSUS Offline? Are there any instructions on how to do this? Any help will be appreciated.

    I am looking for a solution that lets me store new updates on my computer, to use with a later version WSUS offline when I feel I need to rebuild my OS.

    Why? For the last Office 2003 support by WSUS Offline, I can use version 9.21. It works great, and I thank all at the WSUS developers for a great tool. When I then do a follow up with Win 8.1 (online) Update I often get Office 2003 updates, which I get even after all the published drop-dead dates, etc.

    Similarly, WU often does new updates for Win 8.1.

    I have just rebuilt my computer and the updates still happen (note: no complaint about this to Microsoft). For a rebuild I generally don’t need to start totally fresh. With the free software AOMEI (another great app) I can start with clean OS snapshots from wherever I want. This works great as I don’t store “data” on my C: drive. In case you ask, I need to rebuild once in a while, because I dabble in low-end software development and occasionally mess up my system.

    Let me explain that for my personal computer I use Win 8.1 Pro and Office 2003 Pro, and all the supporting software that I have gathered and work well.

    Before anyone goes off on a rant “why” I am stuck on these versions, please let me state that my system does what “I” want, and does what “I” need. It does it very well, and “I” don’t need, nor want, any new fandangles. A big reason for that is that “I” have learned to tweak what I want. Likely in places that no OS developer would want me to tweak. And for whatever reason, I am simply tired of upgrading and upgrading and upgrading.

    There, I have said it. Yes, I am old and tired. I have been in computing as a semi-pro (i.e. never officially paid as a Pro) since the mid 70s. I have gone through so many versions of upgrading to something that is promised to be better, only to find it’s more/less a new GUI with more of the same problems.

    Please accept this, don’t criticize me, please don’t start a flame war, I won’t respond. Maybe this should have been categorized as a rant, so I apologize.

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