What "Stuff" do I need to set up a network? (other than cabling)

By jduval ·
Let me preface this by saying that I am an ?office? administrator not a network one ? but everyone else in the office knows even less than I do so somehow the networking has become my job as well?and I would REALLY appreciate some help!
I need to set up a network for a small office ? 1PC, ADSL connection &1 network printer ? and up to 7 laptops need to be able to plug in & print & access the internet. A new phone system has just gone in and the phone guy ?cabled? the office & installed a patch panel. He said I need to get a hub ? however my friends? son has told me that Switches have taken over from hubs?? (If he wasn?t 12 I?d get him to do the whole thing!)
The ADSL has not been set up yet so I will need a modem, router? hub or switch? ? are all brands compatible with each other? Can anyone tell me what I need? Preferably that?s affordable as money has become an issue?(obviously or I would hire someone that actually has a clue!) Can (will) anyone help me??

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What you need

by matthewrlovell In reply to What "Stuff" do I need to ...

You will need a Router to connect to the ADSL modem. Connect a switch to the Router and to each PC. Assign a static IPs to the Network printer. Ensure you have to Router set to not assign a IP to this Printer from the DHCP pool. Your friends Son was right. Use a switch, not a hub. Network will look like:
ADSL - > Router - > Switch - > PCs/Printer
You will need to spend sometime reading guides and online forums to make sure you get everything configured correctly since you don't wish to pay for local tech help.

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