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What TechRepublic Couldn't Build, I Did!

By nc_mike ·
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I happened upon this article and wondered if anyone could ever overcome all of the issues and build such a system.

Well, I just did, and then some. I set out out to build a single physical machine that can run everything from DOS all the way through modern Windows, with full function for each operating system. The goal was to build a multi-boot wonder, one that didn’t need to swap out hardware components between booting-up each OS. This is ostensibly a first-ever:unless someone can show proof they've been able to overcome an array of very complex challenges. Details here on PartsPicker:

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Looks pretty awesome!

by tcavadias Staff In reply to What TechRepublic Couldn' ...

Now that you have it built - what is your main purpose for it? Gaming? work? graphics?

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A Bit of Everything

by nc_mike In reply to Looks pretty awesome!

I've got three decades of applications saved since I got my first IBM PC 5150 back when the the first ones came off of the manufacturing line (then bough my own PC/XT 5160 not long after), so its great to be able to run all of the applications I have every bought - many of which no longer worked when a new OS obsoleted the old one. I have a long list of games going all the way back through the 80's, 90's, and 2000's. It's also fun to play with things like the first ISA digital video encoding cards; I still have my Intel ActionMedia ISA (Indeo Video) gear. It would be cool to see if I can get some of that gear working on really fast SSD and CPU. Those who were around back in those days remember how awesome it was to see a computer record and play back video for the very first time. Then we started experimenting with combining it with hypertext (the web didn't emerge until several years later). I also like to experience with new things on old systems - for example, such as using PCAnywhere to remote control Windows 3.x from a Windows 7 laptop (practically pointless, but its fun to do things few , if any, have ever done).


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by NickNielsen In reply to What TechRepublic Couldn' ...

Pictures when you get it cleaned up, eh?

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Several photos here

by nc_mike In reply to Sweet!

I've posted several photos and a full system breakdown here at

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Yeah, I scrolled back up

by NickNielsen In reply to Several photos here

after I posted here. <hangs head...>

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Nice Work

by icecreamcake In reply to What TechRepublic Couldn' ...
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Even Better

by icecreamcake In reply to Nice Work
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You did it!

by Mike_Cartwright In reply to What TechRepublic Couldn' ...

Congratulations, Mike! I noticed this thread was started last year so I was wondering about what has come of what you've built? I was reading through the comments and your posts, to me, this sounds exciting!

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by nc_mike In reply to You did it!

Hi Mike,

Yes, the build is complete and still fully functional. I hope you got to read the full story on the build here:

I'm still trying to get Windows 8+ to boot - I am close. Win8 and 10 require a CPU execution disable (NX) bit and BIOS control to enable it, but I have an exotic work-around to try that others have used.

I love building current and vintage systems - I got the bug back when I got one of the first IBM PCs that rolled off the manufacturing line. I also have a vintage IBM PC/XT 5160 build that pushed all the limits here that some with similar interested might find....intriguing.


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