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What the **** VMWare!????

By jmgarvin ·
So today I spend the better part of my day trying to get VMWare Server 2.0.x working on my Fedora 12 box.

Seriously VMWare, your installer SUCKS. Who the **** is designing your Linux installer? They need to be beaten with an oar.

Until I found this site:

I couldn't friggin' find any real information on what was failing in the installer and why. VMWare was no help.

So, after finally getting it installed, I now can't run the VMs from my Windows box when I go to the crappy new web portal in VMWare I go an search out another fix...

FINALLY, after all is said and done, everything is running...sort of. I am having huge performance issues and wondering why the **** I picked VMWare.

I think I'm done with VMWare and I'll be moving to something else.

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Maybe VirtualBox?

by dldorrance In reply to What the **** VMWare!????

The open source version, in which USB support was absent, is no longer available. However you may download a free version from the Oracle website. It runs for me in Ubuntu without any modification and provides USB support. The more RAM you have the faster these VM's will run.

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Ya, I prefer Virtual Box

by jmgarvin In reply to Maybe VirtualBox?

However the VMs I was handed were made in VMWare, so I wasn't sure if anything else could run them...

Had I know it would be such a hassle just to install VMWare, I probably would have tried something else first.

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Yes Virtual Box is better

by pp.parthiban In reply to Ya, I prefer Virtual Box

yes.. Virtual box is better...


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It's possible with some efforts

by pandu In reply to Ya, I prefer Virtual Box

Google for "virtualbox vmdk" ... lots and lots of helpful articles...

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I'll take a wild guess

by GSG In reply to What the **** VMWare!????

and say that you're a wee bit frustrated.

Don't applaud. I'm psychic, or psychotic, or whatever.

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Just a tad...

by jmgarvin In reply to I'll take a wild guess

I mean honestly...You'd think VMWare could get their act together and create a real installer, rather than the abortion they have now.

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RE : What the **** VMWare!????

by kristain In reply to What the **** VMWare!????

VMware is a virtual machine software product developed by VMware for Macintosh computers with Intel processors

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That is a tad incomplete.

by seanferd In reply to RE : What the hell VMWare ...

Although it was first written for an OSX host, it also supports Windows and Linux, at least.

You aren't really addressing the issue, though. As a sort of Poe quasi-non sequitur. it is mildly amusing.

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You dally

by santeewelding In reply to That is a tad incomplete.

With indecipherability.

Come join my camp.

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Ok....Thanks....I guess...

by jmgarvin In reply to RE : What the hell VMWare ...

History is fun!

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