What the problem of my network?

By whillie30 ·
Here is my setup:

* 1 16port 10/100 Switch
* 1 16port Gigabit Switch (Newly acquired)
* 5 pc with Gigabit Lan (OS: Windows 7)
* 5 pc with 10/100 Lan (OS: 3pcs Windows 7 & 2pcs WinXP)

Here is the situation:
Before all my workstation connected to 10/100 switch, so I think that the gigabit LAN card didn't use to its maximum capability. That's why I bought another 16port Gigabit switch.

The problem:
My problem is, when I connect all my workstation to the new gigabit switch, the LED which indicate that there is a gigabit device connected was not turning "ON" even the workstation connected is using a gigabit LAN card. I understand it will not turn "ON" when the connected device is just a 10/100 LAN card. I assume the driver was not installed properly so I try to fix it there but still it is not indicating that there is connection with gigabit device. I don't know if there is I have to change to my configuration.

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Request for Clarification

by .Martin. In reply to Clarifications

not that it should make much of a difference, but:
-what type of Ethernet cable is connecting the computers to the switches?
-what brand switches?

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by Jacques.Gordon In reply to What the problem of my ne ...

Check your cables using a network cable tester. Some buildings are wired for 10/100 connections only so they only connect pins 1,2,3 and 6 but gigabit connections need all 8 pins. It's also possible that your cables or patch panels are old so I would definitely test your connections with a good tester.

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here's a good writeup about Gigabit ethernet...

by CG IT In reply to What the problem of my ne ...

go down to the section on Gigabit ethernet wiring..has tips and hints....

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To: Martin

by whillie30 In reply to What the problem of my ne ...

Martin, I'm using UTP Cat5 Cable and LinkSys 16 port Gigabit Ethernet Switch.

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Cat 5 or Cat5E, Cat 6

by philldmc In reply to What the problem of my ne ...

If I'm not mistaken Cat 5 cables are only good upto 10/100, or shall I say certified. Cat5E and Cat6 are true 10/100/1000.

What type of cables, not only to the switch but what kind of cables are running in the walls?

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Drivers and NIC settings

by nocjock In reply to What the problem of my ne ...

I'd check the NIC drivers and make sure those card settings are correct first. I've used tons of straight uncertified UTP Cat5 on gigabit networks and it works. You also may change the autosense settings in the cards to a hard coded value. Try 10Mb, then 100Mb, then 1000Mb and see if the lights on the switches change.

Also confirm that ALL ports on the switch are Gigabit. It's easy to get misled that it's a full Gb switch when in fact it's mainly 10/100 with a few Gig ports. Seen that before!

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by wasif1981 In reply to What the problem of my ne ...

check what type of cables u have

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