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What the!?!? Workstation's display turn upside-down &viruses are detect!!

By kawarimi ·
This morning I copied a *.bmp file for my Windows XP SP2 desktop wallpaper, after I done that, the display turn upside-down with the resolution 800x600 (32bit color), so as the mouse cotrol, wallpapers, everything upside-down...
Then I try to change the resolution to 1024x768 (32bit color) everything back to normal, just the wallpapers doesn't show up follow by keeps on poping out "Rundll.exe" is accessing "a:" for the *.bmp that I just copied, after that my TrendMicro Office scan poped up saying that there is 2 virus detected but didn't show what is the virus' name...
Does anyone have some advice to share? Thousand thanks in advance!!

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Freeware is the answer

by FrankTech In reply to What the!?!? Workstation' ...

Download the following
3.AVG antivirus
This should clean up any viruses, trogens,spyware,etc,etc...
The reason your screen is upside-down, is that some viruses send the command "ctrl-alt-down arrow."

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by kawarimi In reply to Freeware is the answer

Hah!, found the Intel Extreme graphic setting was changed to rotate 180 degrees, after correct the setting, and scaned with Spybot S&amp now the workstation seems working fine.

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can you please advise

by shashika In reply to Solved!

My son's comp. has the same problem. What is Intel Extreme Graphic and how do we access to change the setting. What should the proper setting be? Please send us details as we have zero knowledge of comps! Thanks

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Intel Extreme Graphics

by beads In reply to can you please advise

Its a proprietary built in video card. To change the settings:



Control Panel

Look for a blue icon probably twoard the middle of the window that says: Intel(R)Extrem... (e Graphics).

A new window will pop up. Check the following:

- Settings Generally somewhere in the 768x1024 for a 17" inch monitor is a good starting place.

- Rotation These are "radio" buttons. Meaning that only one can be selected at a time. Much like old AM/FM radios in cars. Click 'Normal' instead of 'Rotate 180'. Of course this will be upside down so have your son pick up the monitor first and hold it until you correct the situation. (*Thats a joke, by the way but it would work*)

- beads

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Odd that Trend didn't have a virus name

by beads In reply to What the!?!? Workstation' ...

Trend is usually pretty good about identifying virus content. Try updating your signatures and scan again. No AV is perfect but had good results from Trend.

- beads

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