what things needed to set up an Office IT (Computer) systems?

By Timwateru ·
Hi all,

Can someone tell me or help me to give me some possible solutions on what are the things needed for a new Office. My new building (work office) is currently under construction and I am searching online to look for the things needed for a new building IT systems.

These are the things that I have on my mind:
- Server (MSBS 2008, etc)
- Email server
- setting up the computers and clients
- etc

Can someone help me to choose the best option in terms of what to get, how to set it up, etc.

Thank you IT team.

God bless

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by will_smith In reply to what things needed to set ...

SBS 2011 is pretty good to server all small business needs. if you exceed more than 40 employees, then look into server 2008r2 standard or enterprise. sbs can handle more than 40 employees, but you want to plan for growth. sbs 2011 will have exchange, sql, and active directory. for easier inventory, try to keep your employees computers the same type, keeping things in uniform makes life easier in the IT world.

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Well the most obvious

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to what things needed to set ...

In any new building is to pull CAT Cable to where it's thought that it's going to be needed and then some extra places.

As to the rest it all depends on how big this installation is going to be after all 5 workstations or less requires a completely different setup/layout to a 4K workstation layout.


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Reponse To Answer

by jtjenkins213 In reply to Well the most obvious

Along these lines, also designate your IT "closet" or space you're going to centralize your network. Depending on the size of the network, this could be a critical area as it could start big or it could grow bigger. That must be kept in mind.
Start documentation on how you set it up. IP addresses, location of workstations, inventory, etc would be a good start to your records. This way you can continue from where you start if you expand, keeps everything simpler. Also, phone numbers to your ISP, the manufacturer or distributor of the PC work stations you set up, etc should be kept handy in case of emergency or maintenance issues

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Reponse To Answer

by a.portman In reply to Well the most obvious

With OH Semeg. NOW is the time to plan for where your racks and other IT equipment will be. Where the network ports for the workers will be and where the electricity will be. Now that you have your current needs mapped, add about 50% and have that built.

Now is the time to have network jacks where you might need them in 5 years. It will be cheaper to do it now than later.

Oh, as it is approaching 100 degrees today, plan for 100% more Air Conditioning than your current servers need.

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In the Planning Stage

by itstechnical In reply to what things needed to set ...

It's great that you are asking this question at this stage. As the others already commented, what you need depends on your requirements. How many offices are you going to support? How many people? Will you have networked printers & faxes? I've done this a few times before and, since it seems as though you are at the construction stage still, here are some thoughts: Make sure you have at least 1 data and 1 phone jack on each wall of each room (except for the wall with the door) and ensure they are located near the power outlet(s). All of the data connections should lead back to a 'closet' where you will have your Internet access. Most medium size buildings have a telecom closet on each floor in a central location. That is where your Cable/DSL connection will come from so make sure you have some wiring going from that closet to your offices. As jtjenkins mentions (above) your 'closet' configuration will depend on the amount of hardware you need (it might be tough to justify a closet for just 1 server). But if you DO have a space dedicated to provisioning a server and access point, the most common problem I've run into are cooling and power. If you put a server, phone key system, router, wireless AP, blah, blah,'ll need more than a double gang 15 amp plug! Since you are in the building phase still, be sure to get two, 4 gang (quad outlets) 20 - 30 amp circuits located wherever you intend to put your server, router,blah, blah, blah. And these circuits need to be grounded, stand-alone (no other outlets daisy-chained to these circuits) circuits like microwave outlet in your home. Lastly, before I run on too long, consider what you need a server to do. The Small Business Server is a great value but you can waste your money on licensing & support if all you want is email can have your business domain email forwarded by your hosting agency for a fraction of the cost of a server.

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by jtjenkins213 In reply to In the Planning Stage

Also, if you are gong to do one phone/one data drop at each spot, it would be advantageous to make both drops with Cat5e/Cat6 cable instead of one cat5e/cat6 for data and cat3 phone cable. This would allow for growth into VoIP if you were to move into that direction, and still works with a legacy system otherwise.

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Do not forget

by ChazeIT In reply to what things needed to set ...

I am sure it has been thought about but was not mentioned above. Investing in a Firewall to filter both incoming and outgoing traffic to assist in preventing compromise of your network/system would be ideal. You can use the firewall to prevent users from going to any websites that might interfere with business operations or productivity.

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Many thanks

by Timwateru In reply to what things needed to set ...


I didn't realize how helpful this forum is. Many thanks my IT gurus. I cannot paddle this out without your guys help.

Many thanks again and I will look into this with all the helpful comments and hopefully will get back again.

To you all again.

God bless you,
Cook Islands
PO Box 233

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A Sysadmin

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to what things needed to set ...

I think that all you really need is a Sysadmin. Hire somebody and then feel good about creating jobs while making your life easier.

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