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    What to do?


    by lmayeda ·

    The general manager of our of our companies decided that he was tired of his computers breaking down every 2 years (viruses/malware infections of his own doing) and decided on the advice of his business associates to switch to a Mac. His existing laptop was hooked up to a docking station w/ a 22″ monitor and network connections. When away from the office, he uses a wireless card to connect to the internet. I nave not worked with Macs and don’t know how it will interface with the existing network and any shared files he may need to access, network printers, etc. There is only me handling IT issues for a half dozen small companies. I guess my question is whether to just keep my mouth shut and start learning how to make a mac work in a microsoft environment or what? I assume a Mac can’t join a domain so how are permissions handled?

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      I’d learn how to do it

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to What to do?

      I know that a Mac can join a Windows domain, although I’ve never done it.

      However, I wouldn’t [i]keep my mouth shut[/i] about your lack of experience in that regard. No one knows everything about everything, and if you try to hide your inexperience with Macs, you might end up looking bad.

      Nonetheless, it can’t be that difficult to figure out.

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        Oh no

        by lmayeda ·

        In reply to I’d learn how to do it

        I definitely told him that I have no Mac experience and whenever he comes up with a problem I’m not going to be a able to talk him through it on the phone because I’ll have to sit at the Mac and figure it out (or google it). My keeping my mouth shut was more about why he has so much problem with his PC … because of all of the personal “C__P” that he loads/downloads and the dubious sites the he has a propensity to visit.

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          Hmmm, better be careful then

          by slayer_ ·

          In reply to Oh no

          Cause he will assume that his new Mac is crap because the usual crapware he installs is not working.

          Have you tried just locking down his computer? Or give him the ability to 1 button refresh his system with a drive freeze?

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