What to do?

By shrine_suraj ·
Hi friends,
someone plz help me.
My younger brother has recently completed his Senior secondary and he wants to do software engineering . Is it right to do BCA for him .
but he doesn't know where to start programming first. He wants to learn prgrammng language .
someone plz tell me . what should he do. means, which language he should learn first.

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No easy answer

by oldbaritone In reply to What to do?

Sure, many people will tell you that your brother should learn some particular language or another. But there's a much larger question: What does your brother really want to do?

I am fond of automotive analogies, and perhaps this one might help - Consider "driving" as a career. Well, being a driver is all well-and-good, but what do you want do drive? You could drive a taxi or a bus, but maybe his idea of a "driver" is driving a bulldozer, or even "driving" an aircraft. It's obvious that the training needed for each these professions would differ greatly, even though each could be considered a "driver."

So too with "Software Engineer." What kind of software does he want to develop? Database applications? Desktop applications? Maybe embedded process controls? Perhaps Mainframe-based accounting applications?

All of these are "software engineering." And to some extent, the programming language concepts learned in one language will apply to another language.

But for my suggestion, it might be a good idea for him to take a class such as "Introduction to Data Processing" or "Introduction to Programming" at college or university and learn whichever language is part of that course. Then he could have a better idea of what he really wants to do.

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