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What to do?

By _ITPro_OC ·
(Longtime member, first post)

I am hoping to get some advice from the community to a bit of an unsettling situation I find myself in.

I have been working at my current place of employment for just over a year now and it?s been quite a rollercoaster ride to say the least. Myself, like others that were here from the start, helped build the company (literally!) from the ground up and ensured a successful startup date. For the better half of the year I put my family aside, dedicated 110%, worked 14-16 sometimes 18 hour days, nights and weekends, and from what I recently found out, it might all have been for a 2-3 % salary increase.

I hate to make it sound like it is all about the $, because this has been a learning experience that no classroom or course could have provided, but at the same time I have a family to support and bills to pay. Aside from that I have gone from a mid-level position to overseeing half the IT department, something I agreed to, but was not in the original job description. Part of me feels taken advantage of, not sure why, just do...

The dilemma I have is this.

Should I stick it out and grow with the company, or take what I have learned and look elsewhere? As mentioned above, it?s a great place to work, but times are tough and that alone isn?t going to pay the bills.

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by The Listed 'G MAN' In reply to What to do?

If you think (or are sure) you can get better pay elsewhere for what you do?

Have they provided no stck options as you helped build the company?

When moving from your mid position to a higher position you should have flagged up the issue and evaluated the response. This may have made your mind up exactly what to do.

They say "No" to any pay increace when offering the larger position then the only way out is to turn it down and later...walk!

Is it too late to bring this up?

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Accepting more responsibility without an increase in benefit

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Depending...

Once you've accepted it, negotiating in hindsight is nigh on impossible.

Why? Because you've already accepted it!!!

It is a tough lesson but hopefully one that the original poster will be able to take away from this experience.

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What do YOU want?

by Fregeus In reply to What to do?

Hey buddy.

Sounds to me like you are at a crossroad and you are looking for some directions. Been there, done that. Let me see if I can pass on the wisdom that was passed to me at that time.

First of all, what is it that you are looking for, right now? What is the most important thing for you, right now? There is no right or wrong answers here. We are talking about what is in your gut. What is in there is yours and yours alone.

Now, if your answer is providing for your family, then the next question should be, can I do it where I am right now? That needs to be discussed with your boss. If your needs are not being met, it may simply be that they are not understood. It?s not because you have presented yourself as a hard passionate worker that the boss thinks of you as a pillar to the company. If you want to be one, let it be known.

Now if you do let it be known, or you have already let it be known, then you need to ask yourself if the result is acceptable or not. If the boss does not see you as a pillar, then no matter how hard you work, how long your hours are, how bad your family suffers, you just won't be a pillar. And that's ok. That's the way the world works. What you have to do is, see if you're ok with that.

If you are, then swallow your pride, keep up the good work and everything will be fine. If you expect more from your efforts and the boss doesn't want to give you anything, then you need to move on to a place where those needs will be met. Pure and simple.

Let it be known that you may not find such a place right away. It may take some time or some extra sacrifice to get it. But if you are good, you will eventually find it.

Just remember this, no matter how much you like the place you work for, no matter how nice the place is or the work is interesting. If that are not the needs that you need to fulfill, then its not the right place for you.

Good Luck.

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My advice is short and sweet

by Forum Surfer In reply to What to do?

You work for $$$, plain and simple. The only exception is public servants like firefighters, police, EMS and the like. They put their life on the lines for way less $ than us because they (usually) love their work and want to help others.

If you can make more $$ somewhere else, just go. The older I get the more I wish I had stayed home with my family more...but alas there were many 60-80 hour weeks. More than 10 hours a day is just crazy to me now, and I prefer not to work weekends. I'm happier and healthier, not to mention my relationship with my son is much better...the most important part!

Find a job that pays decent that allows you to be with your family more, which is more important work than any IT position no matter what it pays. Life isn't about what you do or accomplish, it's what you leave behind. Would you rather that be a brilliant career or a great family life? I regret every single day I ever put my family aside to work 4 extra hours, and I'm only 31.

::edited because I forgot to spell check::

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Thanks everyone!

by _ITPro_OC In reply to What to do?

Thanks everyone for your insight. It is bitter sweet knowing others have gone through similar situations.

Yesterday it became official, 3% it is and on my 1 hour commute home yesterday I made up my mind that its time to move on. I can't nor do I want to wait around for the company to stabilize itself financially.

Needles to say I am disheartened, feel taken advantage of (yet again unfortunately), and quite frankly pissed. It is what it is and now its just time to move on.

A learning experience all the way around none the less!

Thanks again!

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No problem...

by Forum Surfer In reply to Thanks everyone!

I'd venture to say that everyone working in IT has been taken advantage of by a greedy company at one point. It's like the rest of life experiences, there is nothing normal or perfect. All you can do is learn, make the best of it and move on.

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